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Location: Europe/London


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Stats for Hiking walked 14.5 km, climbed 82 metres and shared 1 track and 0 routes

Tracks Blogtrottr

24th January 2020

24th January 2020

24th Jan 2020

Beacons: 13 | Distance: 14.5 km | Height Gain: 82 m

Andes Revisited

Andes Revisited

31st Dec 2018 - 2nd Mar 2019

Returning to South America to cycle through the Puna de Atacama and hopefully climb some 6000+m mountains en route..

Beacons: 1544 | Distance: 2,117.7 km | Height Gain: 23,751 m

Bikepacking Morocco

Bikepacking Morocco

3rd - 18th Oct 2018

Beacons: 398 | Distance: 527.9 km | Height Gain: 9,118 m

1st October 2018

1st October 2018

1st Oct 2018

Beacons: 2 | Distance: 0.0 km | Height Gain: 0 m

Lofoten Meandering

Lofoten Meandering

5th - 18th Oct 2017

Beacons: 34 | Distance: 23.0 km | Height Gain: 817 m

Tour of lakes for Ste Mac

Tour of lakes for Ste Mac

20th Aug 2017 - 4th Sep 2017

Beacons: 1008 | Maps: 1

Routes Blogtrottr

Route of actual journey (whilst out of SPOT coverage)

Route of actual journey (whilst out of SPOT coverage)

Unfortunately I have no SPOT coverage in South America, so I am providing Social Hiking with the route of my journey until signal returns!

Beacons: 653 | Distance: 1,792.4 km | Height Gain: 6,546 m

Bagged Peaks

Todd Crag

Todd Crag [UK]

Bagged on 26th Aug 2017 11:58am

Hill - 224m


Tongue Head

Tongue Head [UK]

Bagged on 25th Aug 2017 1:55pm

Mountain - 656m
Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike [UK]

Bagged on 24th Aug 2017 1:45pm

Mountain - 978m

summit construction (top of stepped cairn)


Brandreth [UK]

Bagged on 23rd Aug 2017 3:34pm

Mountain - 715m

cairn at fence junction

Green Crag

Green Crag [UK]

Bagged on 23rd Aug 2017 2:41pm

Hill - 528m


Haystacks (Buttermere)

Haystacks (Buttermere) [UK]

Bagged on 23rd Aug 2017 1:48pm

Peak - 597m


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