What are others saying about Social Hiking?

"While a few other digital mapping solutions approach its functionality in some areas, nothing else available today offers the same exact combination of features."

Alex Roddie, TGO Magazine

"Social Hiking, a geo-blogging app that lets you share your adventures with friends in real-time, is the latest craze to hit the hillwalking world..... Social Hiking also cleverly embeds tweets, audio, images, videos and blog posts in your map, so friends can follow you every step of the way."

Trail Magazine

"Social Hiking is one of those rare application; something new yet so simple in its concept you can't believe nobody's already done it. It extends the capabilities of an already superb GPS system from ViewRanger and adds a whole new dimension to walking"

MyOutdoors UK

"Social Hiking is an excellent and promising website. It's relatively simple to use and passes the "I wish I'd thought of that" test."

Hiking goes social by A Sheep Asleep

"Think about it like Foursquare for the forest.....Social Hiking says that they are 'Perfect for charity challenges, geo-blogging, hikes, rides or other adventures outdoors!' Give it a try next time you head out and make your next hike a little more social."

Salty Waffle

"I was already hooked on watching Jilly's cycle across to Eastern Europe via the Social Hiking site. Watching her progress each day and reading her live tweets from whatever small foreign town she was in. She also posted some amazing photos on Flickr via social hiking. Like I said, very addicting stuff. It also makes me want to get out and travel, hike or cycle."

Getting Social with Social Hiking by Camp Trip

"I love it, every time I have time to explore the site and my maps, I'm always discovering things. The classification of peaks achieved whilst walking, not just Wainwrights!! That you can merge photos uploaded to Google+, share your maps/walks on various social media. I'm sure there is so much more but as I said I'm a geek in training!"

The Blonde Guide to Social Hiking

"Social Hiking is now my go to place for keeping all my walks tracked and my planned routes in one place. It's where I track which hills I have bagged, how far I have walked and what other hikers are up to while I'm stuck indoors working. It's quite an experience watching some ones walk unfold live in front of your eyes and interact with them via the tweets, photos and other media they share. I use it as a platform to share my walking experiences and learn from others."


Product of The Year 2011 - "Social Hiking has already revolutionised the world of mobile phone based navigation, bringing mapping and route finding together with social media from Twitter to audio and video linking. Initially designed as an add-on for ViewRanger the application has gone from strength to strength, now running on pretty much the whole spectrum of mobile phone platforms and finding fans from the USA to Eastern Europe."

MyOutdoors 2011 Awards & The Active Guide's best 'tech' for your travels!

"...The resulting map can be accessed via the Social Hiking site or hosted on a personal blog - an ideal way to keep loved ones informed of progress and attempt to share the experience."

Wide World's Best Adventure Kit & The Active Guide's best 'tech' for your travels!

"Even though, Social Hiking has only been active for a year or so, the functionality is increasing all the time and there have been regular blog posts describing the latest features. So, it's been easy to keep up with developments. The app is under constant development and any bugs have been squashed very quickly!"

CWW Web Design Blog

"this is a social networking site that adds value to the ViewRanger app by integrating its BuddyBeacon with microblogs like Twitter, Audioboo and Instagram, to create an interactive map of your journey. It has obvious appeal to those who love to measure and share every aspect of their world via their smartphones, but it also a powerful tool for people on big adventures and charity events. I love the grassroots, slightly underground feel to the site."

Lucy Wallce, Gear Editor of Outdoor Enthusiast magazine

"Today the outdoors world has it's own social network - Social Hiking at shareyouradventure.com"

The Outdoors Station Podcast

Gerade für Outdoor-Blogger oder Outdoorer mit Affinitäten für soziale Netzwerke bietet Social Hiking eine schöne Möglichkeit, beide Welten zu verbinden. Also, wann teilt ihr eure Abenteuer via Social Hiking?

Hiking Blog

Once you are out on your adventures Social Hiking adds an extra element of fun! You can track your hike or other journey so friends or family can see where you are and make them jealous! Its good to see the exact locations of tweets, photos and other media are displayed on the route. Your hike elevation profile and any peaks bagged are displayed too. And you can look back on the journey at a later date. For many people, Social Hiking is undoubtedly the future of hiking!

CheapTents Outdoor Gear Blog

"a must for anyone who loves social media and the art of active hiking"

Social Web Daily - 8 Great Social Media Tools for Outdoor Enthusiasts

"Social Hiking is a brilliant service that combines location information derived from a multitude of possible sources (Viewranger, Instamappr, Twitter, SPOT) and combines these with geotagged/timestamped media (from the likes of Flickr and Audioboo) to create fully interactive, media-rich maps of progress made. It is a great way to track and interact with people out and about."

Oh Inverted World Blog

Share Your Adventure - Social Hiking

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