Tors and Rocks of Dartmoor

A collection of the Tors and Rocks of Dartmoor National Park

Data compiled from various sources including old guide books, maps, Geonames, The Database of British and Irish Hills, and local knowledge from many enthusiasts including Tim Jenkinson, Mike Kitchener and Terry Bound.

We are currently in the process of verifying credit for discovery of any lesser known tors, and providing historical reference to prove authenticity of names given to those better known. Please bear with us as this could take a while.

Dartmoor Tors & Rocks, by Ken Ringwood, is an excellent companion book for anyone interested in Dartmoor, and contains a photo and description of all the Tors and notable rocks on Dartmoor. Proceeds from the book goes to the Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team - you can buy the book at

This list can be extended with Hills of Dartmoor

Please note that not all peaks listed have public access

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The Peaks

Other Aish Tor 265m
Other Aller Brook Outcrop 300m
Other Arch Tor 394m
Other Arms Tor 457m
Other Ashbury Tor 309m
Hill Ausewell Rocks 325m
Other Bag Tor 333m
Other Bagga Tor 339m
Other Barn Hill Rocks 317m
Other Barracott 332m
Hill Beardown Tors 513m
Other Bee Tor 317m
Other Bel Tor 338m
Other Bell Tor 369m
Hill Bellever Tor 443m
Hill Belstone Tor 479m
Other Bench Tor 305m
Other Berra Tor 117m
Other Big Rock 229m
Hill Birch Tor 487m
Hill Black Hill 412m
Other Black Rock 311m
Other Black Rocks 419m
Other Black Tor (Brent Down) 321m
Other Black Tor (Butterdon) 335m
Other Black Tor (Okehampton) 502m
Other Black Tor (Walkhampton) 347m
Other Blacka Tor (Challacombe) 359m
Other Blacka Tor (East Dart) 277m
Other Blackadon Tor 261m
Other Blackalder Tor 227m
Hill Blackingstone Rock 355m
Other Blackslade Rock 304m
Other Blakey Tor 353m
Other Bonehill Rocks 360m
Other Bottor Rock 241m
Other Boulters Tor 317m
Other Bovey Rock 382m
Other Bowermans Nose 369m
Other Braddon Tor 493m
Other Branscombes Loaf 538m
Other Bray Tor 452m
Hill Brent Tor 334m
Other Brimhill Tor 202m
Other Broad Down 473m
Other Broad Rock 440m
Other Broada Stones 484m
Other Brousentor 313m
Other Buck Tor 35m
Other Buckland Beacon 367m
Other Bullaton Rock 261m
Other Burra Tor 212m
Other Buttern Hill 413m
Other Cadworthy Tor 219m
Other Callisham Tor 197m
Other Calverslake Tor 388m
Other Cathanger Rock 387m
Other Cator 319m
Other Chat Tor 542m
Other Cherrybrook Rocks 462m
Hill Chinkwell Tor 460m
Other Church Rock 367m
Other Claig Tor 231m
Other Clay Tor 436m
Other Cleave Tor 309m
Other Cleft Rock 106m
Other Click Tor 273m
Other Coffin Stone 304m
Other Collard Tor 231m
Other Combestone Tor 336m
Other Combshead Tor 351m
Other Conies Down Tor 504m
Other Coombe Down 408m
Other Coombe Tor 252m
Other Corndon North Tor 390m
Hill Corndon Tor [Corndon Down] 434m
Hill Cosdon Hill [South Tawton Common] 550m
Hill Cox Tor 442m
Other Cramber Tor 406m
Other Creber's Rock [Claret Tor] 329m
Other Crip Tor 254m
Other Cripdon Down Tors 349m
Other Crockern Tor 374m
Other Crow Tor 459m
Other Crownhill Tor 220m
Other Cuckoo Rock 271m
Other Curtery Clitters 512m
Other Devils Tor 527m
Other Dewerstone Rock 194m
Other Dinger Tor 542m
Other Doe Tor 425m
Other Down Tor 346m
Other Eagle Rock 93m
Hill Easdon Tor 439m
Hill East Mill Tor 513m
Other East Tor 405m
Other Eastern Tor 332m
Other Eastern White Barrow 460m
Other Elsford Rock 283m
Other Emsworthy Rocks 382m
Other Eylesbarrow 436m
Other Feather Tor 299m
Other Figgie Daniel 402m
Other Fitches Holt 388m
Other Flat Tor 526m
Other Foggin Tor 391m
Other Fordsland Ledge 585m
Other Fox Tor (Fox Tor Mires) 404m
Other Fox Tor (Mary Tavy) 183m
Other Foxworthy Tor 288m
Other Frenchbeer Rock 387m
Other Fur Tor 550m
Other Fur Tor (Walkhampton) 326m
Other Furze Tor 295m
Other Ger Tor 406m
Other Gibby Combe Tor 240m
Other Gidleigh Tor 334m
Other Gipsy Rock 251m
Other Gladstone Rock 192m
Other Goat Rock 39m
Other Gradner Rocks 140m
Other Great Combe Tor 245m
Other Great Gnats Head 455m
Other Great Kneeset 567m
Hill Great Links Tor 589m
Hill Great Mis Tor 538m
Other Great Nodden 436m
Other Great Rock 193m
Hill Great Staple Tor 455m
Other Great Trowlesworthy Tor 332m
Other Greator Rocks 348m
Other Green Tor 543m
Other Gren Tor 516m
Hill Gutter Tor 350m
Other Hameldown Beacon Rocks 492m
Other Hameldown Tor [Grims Tor] [Hamilton Tor] 529m
Mountain Hampster Tor 618m
Other Hangershell Rock 329m
Mountain Hangingstone Hill 603m
Hill Hare Tor 531m
Other Hare Tor (Wapsworthy) 417m
Other Hart Tor (Okehampton Common) 436m
Other Hart Tor (Walkhampton) 380m
Other Hartland Tor 362m
Other Harton Chest 269m
Other Hawks Tor 251m
Hill Hayne Down 397m
Hill Haytor Rocks 457m
Other Heckwood Tor 305m
Other Hedge Tor 394m
Hill Heltor Rock 322m
Other Hemstone Rocks 448m
Other Hen Tor 388m
Other Herne Hole Tor 472m
Other Hexton Tor 311m
Other High Tor 163m
Mountain High Willhays 621m
Other Higher Dunna Goat Tor 562m
Other Higher Hartor Tor 404m
Other Higher Tor 471m
Hill Higher White Tor 527m
Other Hingston Hill 369m
Other Hingston Rocks 325m
Other Hockinston Tor 181m
Other Hole Rock 358m
Other Hollow Tor (Rundlestone) [Billys Tor] 452m
Other Hollow Tor (Widecombe) 340m
Other Holwell Rocks 374m
Other Holwell Tor 372m
Other Honeybag Tor 404m
Hill Hookney Tor 497m
Hill Hound Tor (Manaton) 414m
Hill Hound Tor (Okehampton) 495m
Other Huccaby Tor 336m
Other Hucken Tor 283m
Other Hunt Tor 562m
Other Hunter's Stone 250m
Hill Hunter's Tor 326m
Other Hunters Tor (Drewsteignton) 193m
Other Hurston Castle Tor 39m
Other Hyner Rocks 169m
Other Ingra Tor 312m
Other Ivy Tor 264m
Other John Cann's Rocks 129m
Other Kent's Tor 214m
Other Kestor Rock 437m
Other King Tor 468m
Other Kings Tor 380m
Other Kingshead Tor 429m
Other Kit Rocks 500m
Other Kitty Tor 584m
Other Knattaborough Tor 438m
Other Langworthy Tor 357m
Other Latchell Tor 252m
Hill Laughter Tor 421m
Other Leather Tor 351m
Hill Leeden Tor 389m
Other Legis Tor 283m
Other Leigh Tor 161m
Other Leighon Tor 365m
Other Lints Tor 496m
Other Littaford Tor 426m
Other Little Bee Tor 429m
Other Little Boulters Tor 312m
Other Little Combe Tor 217m
Other Little Cox Tor 336m
Other Little Crow Tor 430m
Other Little Down Tor 296m
Other Little Emsworthy 336m
Other Little Fox Tor 399m
Other Little Gnats head 393m
Other Little Hare Tor 436m
Other Little Hen Tor 402m
Other Little Holwell Tor 369m
Other Little Hound Tor 485m
Other Little Kes Tor 393m
Other Little King's Tor 340m
Other Little Kneeset 487m
Other Little Links Tor 520m
Other Little Longaford Tor 449m
Other Little Mis Tor 477m
Other Little Roos Tor 377m
Other Little Sharp 332m
Other Little Staple Tor 362m
Other Little Tor 531m
Other Little Trowlesworthy Tor 319m
Other Little White Tor 407m
Other Little Whiten Tor 483m
Other Logwell Rock 251m
Other Longaford Tor 455m
Other Longash 293m
Other Longtimber Tor 141m
Other Lower Arms Tor 411m
Other Lower Dunna Goat 557m
Other Lower Hartor Tor 371m
Other Lower Leather Tor 331m
Other Lower Leighton 330m
Other Lower Tor 454m
Other Lower White Tor 487m
Other Lowery Tor 311m
Other Lowton Rocks 414m
Other Luckey Tor 192m
Other Lydford Tor 482m
Other Lynch Tor 481m
Other Maiden Tor 278m
Other Manaton Rocks 310m
Other Manga Rock 450m
Other Mel Tor 319m
Hill Meldon Hill 390m
Other Middle Staple Tor 397m
Other Middle Tor 415m
Other Middleworth Tor 266m
Other Narrator 342m
Other Nat Tor 320m
Hill Nattaton Common 333m
Other Nattor 277m
Hill North Hessary Tor 517m
Other North Tor 281m
Other Nut Crackers 421m
Other Oke Tor 466m
Other Old Hill 369m
Other Old House Rocks 459m
Other Ottery Tor [Ladybrook Tor] 400m
Other Over Tor 344m
Other Path Fields 100m
Other Peek Hill 385m
Other Penn Beacon 413m
Hill Pepperdon Down 353m
Other Pew Tor 305m
Other Pil Tor 407m
Other Pin Tor 323m
Other Pinchaford Ball 367m
Other Prince Hall Rocks 332m
Other Prowtytown Rocks 278m
Other Puggiestone 180m
Other Pupers Rock 457m
Other Quintins Man 534m
Other Rabbits Tor 412m
Other Raven Rock 134m
Other Ravens Tor (Lustleigh) 219m
Other Ravens Tor (Lydford) 172m
Hill Rippon Tor 476m
Other Rival Tor 421m
Other Roborough Rock 189m
Other Rook Tor 286m
Hill Roos Tor 454m
Other Rouge Tor 277m
Other Rough Tor (Burrator) 305m
Other Rough Tor (West Dart) 526m
Other Round Hill Tor 352m
Other Rowden Tor 332m
Other Rowdon Rock 217m
Other Rowtor 468m
Other Royal Tor 397m
Other Rugglestone Rock 241m
Other Rundlestone Tor 468m
Other Ryder's Rocks 393m
Other Saddle Rock 292m
Other Saddle Tor 415m
Other Saddlesborough 289m
Other Sampford Tor 279m
Other Sandy Hole Rocks (North) 481m
Other Sandy Hole Rocks (South) 488m
Other Scarey Tor 365m
Other Scatter Rock 285m
Other Scobitor 292m
Other Scorhill Tor 380m
Other Setters Tor 337m
Other Shadyback Tor 235m
Other Shapley Tor 465m
Hill Shaptor Rock 268m
Hill Sharp Tor 380m
Other Sharp Tor (Castle Drogo) 220m
Other Sharp Tor (Chinkwell) 391m
Other Sharp Tor (Lydford) 519m
Other Sharp Tor (Peter Tavy) 329m
Other Sharp Tor (Tavy Cleave) 422m
Other Sharp Tor (Ugborough) 394m
Hill Sharpitor 410m
Other Sharpitor (Lustleigh) 229m
Other Shaugh Beacon 218m
Other Shavercombe Tor 352m
Hill Sheeps Tor 369m
Other Shell Top 465m
Other Shelstone Tor 399m
Other Shilstone Tor 335m
Other Shipley Tor 279m
Other Shovel Stone 363m
Hill Sittaford Tor 538m
Other Slipper Stones 460m
Other Smallacombe Rocks 354m
Other Smearn Down Tors 313m
Other Snappers Tor 277m
Other Sourton Tor 440m
Hill South Hessary Tor 454m
Other Standon Hill 474m
Other Stannon Tor 433m
Hill Steeperton Tor 532m
Other Stenga Tor 541m
Other Stoneslade Tor 445m
Other Stonetor Hill 412m
Other Strane Tor 355m
Other Swell Tor 397m
Other Tavy Cleave Tors 431m
Other The Cliff 297m
Other The Dunnastone 400m
Other The Parson's Brown Loaf 163m
Other Thirlstone 526m
Other Thornworthy Tor 424m
Other Tolmen Stone 360m
Hill Top Tor 432m
Other Tor Rocks 220m
Other Tors End 429m
Other Tristis Rock 252m
Other Tunhill Rocks 351m
Hill Ugborough Beacon 378m
Hill Ugborough Moor 464m
Other Vag Hill 253m
Other Vixen Tor 280m
Other Wacka Tor 395m
Other Was Tor 226m
Other Water Rock 200m
Other Watern Tor 537m
Other Wedlake Tor 352m
Other Welstor Rock 365m
Other West Mill Tor 541m
Other Western Beacon 308m
Other Western White Barrow 465m
Other White Ridge Tor 490m
Hill White Tor 468m
Other Whitehill Tor 202m
Other Whittenknowles Rocks 330m
Other Whooping Rock 393m
Other Wild Tor 531m
Other Willingstone Rock 310m
Other Wind Tor 354m
Other Winter Tor 426m
Other Wittaburrow 382m
Other Wooder Goyle Rocks 352m
Other Yar Tor 384m
Other Yealm Rocks 342m
Mountain Yes Tor 619m
Other Yes Tor (Walkhampton) 316m

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