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Last Month

1st= Mountain Stony Cove Pike [Caudale Moor] 763m
1st= Mountain Great Coum 687m
1st= Mountain Carrock Fell 663m
1st= Mountain High Pike (Caldbeck) 658m
1st= Mountain Gragareth 628m
1st= Mountain Green Hill 627.5m
1st= Mountain Heisterberg 622m
1st= Mountain Hartsop Dodd 618m
1st= Mountain Miton Hill 607m
1st= Mountain Round Knott 603m

All Time

1st Mountain Thornthwaite Crag 784m
2nd Mountain Helvellyn 950m
3rd= Mountain Fairfield 873m
3rd= Hill Mam Tor 517m
5th= Mountain High Street 828m
5th= Mountain The Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man] 803m
7th Mountain Yoke 706m
8th= Mountain Swirl How 802m
8th= Mountain Ill Bell 757m
10th= Mountain Bowfell 902m

Top Baggers

Last Month

1st= JohnYates profile picture JohnYates 6
1st= munro277 profile picture munro277 6
3rd PaulBuck profile picture PaulBuck 5
4th northlakesuk profile picture northlakesuk 4
5th OverthehillsB profile picture OverthehillsB 3
6th= Hiking_Blog profile picture Hiking_Blog 1
6th= FlintyRich profile picture FlintyRich 1
6th= RunDoggy profile picture RunDoggy 1
6th= stillgoingup profile picture stillgoingup 1

Last Year

1st mntainman profile picture mntainman 186
2nd munro277 profile picture munro277 139
3rd stillgoingup profile picture stillgoingup 111
4th pctorbagger profile picture pctorbagger 71
5th walkhikeaholic profile picture walkhikeaholic 65
6th= FlintyRich profile picture FlintyRich 63
6th= bpackingbongos profile picture bpackingbongos 63
8th PaulBuck profile picture PaulBuck 62
9th backpackartist profile picture backpackartist 56
10th northlakesuk profile picture northlakesuk 52

All Time

1st munro277 profile picture munro277 2727
2nd Leerockwell15 profile picture Leerockwell15 2514
3rd FlintyRich profile picture FlintyRich 2065
4th northlakesuk profile picture northlakesuk 1395
5th mntainman profile picture mntainman 1338
6th PaulBuck profile picture PaulBuck 1304
7th backpackartist profile picture backpackartist 1042
8th TrekkingPaul profile picture TrekkingPaul 910
9th martin_free profile picture martin_free 847
10th Martinthehills profile picture Martinthehills 662

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