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Setting up Social Hiking for TGO Challenge [updated for 2018]

Last year, for the seventh year, Social Hiking had a group map running for Social Hiking users on the TGO Challenge (view the TGO Challenge 2017 group map). The map displayed the progress of several hikers live as they made their way from the west to east coast of Scotland.

This year we have been asked to provide the same service again for anyone who wishes to share their progress on the TGO Challenge. If you are new to Social Hiking but what to share your challenge, this post covers how to register, setup your location sources, link media accounts and create your map ready for your challenge. Although specifically for TGO Challengers, other users may find some of the sections useful.

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Social Hiking Podcast Episode 3 – The one with Richard Flint (@flintyrich)

Rich Flint packing tent away in Snowdonia

For the third episode of the Social Hiking podcast, my guest co-host is Richard Flint (@flintyrich). Topics covered include some of our favourite maps, a hike in Snowdonia, an update on developmentsv recent and coming up, and Rich talks about his experience on TGO challenge.

A massive thank you to the sponsors of this podcast: Sawyer Europe – who provide clean drinking water to countless people including the thirsty backpacker whose only source of water might come from a remote dirty puddle.

I would really appreciate any feedback on the podcast – what you liked or didn’t like, or what you would like to see covered in future podcasts.

You can subscribe to a RSS feed of just the Social Hiking podcasts at (to put in your preferred podcast app) or in iTunes (or search for Social Hiking)

Thank you for listening :)

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