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Giving your media context as part of your adventure

The aim of Social Hiking has always been to help you share your adventure with your existing online (and offline) networks, to collate the media you share to form a complete picture of your adventure, and to help you find new people to interact with – all as easy as possible so you can concentrate on enjoying your adventure!

Adventure Bot (@advbot on Twitter) was the solution to the problem of how to make tweets relevant as part of the context of a whole trip. Twitter is very instantaneous, and tweets individually quickly lose relevance. For example a tweet saying “Darkness drawing in – time to find somewhere to camp” has little context to your followers – adding geotags give a bit more context, but it is still a snapshot of a larger experience. Adventure Bot takes a message you want to tweet and automatically adds a link to the location the tweet relates to on your Social Hiking map – giving it context as part of your whole adventure!

But what about other media?

During a discussion with Chris (@PilgrimChris) yesterday, it occurred to me that the same issue applies to any media you share. Take for example an Audioboo – someone from your Audioboo network listening to your audio will not know that the audioboo is part of a larger adventure (unless of course you explicitly mention it). Would it not be useful to have information about the map which that audioboo is linked to on Audioboo itself?

So Adventure Bot now has a new feature – the ability to automatically comment on your media with the map title and link to the location on your map related to that media item.

Adventure Bot auto comments on media

Adventure Bot auto comments on media (in this case an Instagram photo)

The feature currently only works with Instagram, but it will be rolled out for any media service that supports API comments (unfortunately not Audioboo at this time!). To enable the feature, go to ‘Your Settings’ – ‘Social Settings’, and tick the option “Let Adventure Bot comment on linked media?” (you also need Adventure Bot enabled).

Comments will only be left on media that has been linked to a public Social Hiking map.

The feature is currently only available to supporters as a thank you for their ongoing support, but it will eventually be available to everyone.

You can find out more about becoming a supporter and helping the development of Social Hiking at

More information about Adventure Bot and using it with Twitter and SPOT can be found at