Should we stay or should we go?

Earlier this year I announced Social Hiking was going to close after 2018’s TGO Challenge in late May.  As you have probably noticed, the site is still up and running!

The site has been given a stay of execution until 1st August for various reasons. Whether the site continues after this date is up to you the users. I have decided to give users the opportunity to support the site with a paid subscription, and that free membership will no longer be an option. If enough users subscribe, then the site will continue to exist beyond 1st August for those users, and I will be able to justify investing more time and money on it. If not, then the site will close on 1st August. If you do not wish to support the site, then you are able to extract your data before it is deleted on 1st August.

How will the subscription work?

Initially, there will be several subscription tiers:

  • Retainer subscription (£12/year) – this keeps your account active with your public maps and peak-bagging data, but you cannot create any new maps.
  • Full subscription (£40/year or £4/month) – this gives you access to the site’s full functionality.
  • Occasional users can have a retainer subscription and then pay for a full subscription monthly as and when required, for example when participating in the annual TGO Challenge.

There will still be an opportunity for official supporters to pay a little extra a year (at least £10). In exchange they’ll receive a limited-edition iron-on rucksack badge, credit on the site in the form of a supporter icon, priority for imports and map updates, first access to new features, and perhaps other extras further down the line.

The details might get tweaked slightly, but the subscription model provides a good basis to allow the site to keep running for the foreseeable future.

TGO magazine have written an article about the changes, including a Q&A with me.

What do I need to do?

Just sign in to the site (, and choose whether to pledge as a subscriber or to confirm you do not wish to subscribe. N.B. all non-subscriber accounts will be removed on 1st August.

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