Social Hiking Podcast Episode 2 – The one with Gareth Jones

For the second episode of the Social Hiking podcast, my guest co-host is Gareth Jones (@gareth_js). Topics covered include some of our favourite maps, a #microadventure on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, an update on developments, a round up of some outdoor news that caught our eye, and Gareth talks about making the transition from peak bagging to exploring with kids and gives some advice on walking with young kids.

A massive thank you to the sponsors of this podcast: Target Dry – an outdoor clothing brand from Belfast who design outdoor jackets and overtrousers with a strong emphasis on quality, value and customer service.

I would really appreciate any feedback on the podcast – what you liked or didn’t like, or what you would like to see covered in future podcasts. We had a lot of fun recording the podcast, and you can listen to the outtakes (where we went wrong or started insulting each other) at:

You can subscribe to a RSS feed of just the Social Hiking podcasts at (to put in your preferred podcast app) or in iTunes (or search for Social Hiking)

Thank you for listening 🙂

Show Notes

00:00 Introduction and #microadventure

Social Hiking map of our Dorset coast #microadventure –

A #microadventure on the Jurassic Coast

07:56 Our Favourite Maps

TGO Challenge –
2013 TGO Challenge Plockton to St. Cyrus by Nick (@nickbramhll) –
TGO Challenge 2013 Unofficial Group Map –
A local leicestershire mining walk by Andy (@mixedupmessedup) –
Mackintosh Davidson Woods –
Brecon Beacons – Llanthony – Offas Dyke – Black Mountains –
New Forest Navigation (@nigep) –
Pacific Crest Trail (@tramplite) –

19:55 Development Update

The Google Map update mentioned has finally been released!

21:25 Social Hiking community

Google+ Social Hiking Community –
Muddy Boots Welcome every Tuesday evening at 8pm – everyone welcome!

23:12 In The News

Geoloqi blog: Here’s why we’re excited about the new Android Location APIs:
Three Peaks Record for Cool –
EU imposes 2-year ban on pesticides believed responsible for mass bee deaths –
Cairngorms in Winter –
SPOT3 Satellite GPS Messenger –

27:56 Massive Thanks To Our Fantastic Sponsor Target Dry

Target Dry is an outdoor clothing brand from Belfast who design outdoor jackets and overtrousers with a strong emphasis on quality, value and customer service.

Target Dry

29:05 Hiking with kids

King Alfred’s Tower:

Our den in the woods surrounding King Alfred's Tower

53:14 Thank Yous and Get in Touch

A huge thank you to Gareth and his lovely family for a memorable weekend!

Gareth Jones

Social Hiking

Phil Sorrell

Thanks to our fantastic sponsor Target Dry

Target Dry

The next podcast co-host will be….. @flintyrich – we will be heading off on a wild camp in Snowdonia

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5 Comments on "Social Hiking Podcast Episode 2 – The one with Gareth Jones"

  1. Hey guys. Great job with the second episode of the podcast. The section with the boys was just a joy to listen to and really nicely produced. It sounded like everyone was having so much fun and Gareth’s tips should really be universally applied whether you are 5 or 50. Being outdoors is so much more than just distance or peaks and you captured the spirit of imagination and adventure wonderfully (though being up a tree whilst driving down the A90 was an interesting experience for me!). Thanks also for the very kind mention (I’ll overlook the Twitter handle pronunciation!) during the maps section. Two things though : do you have any thoughts on using Social Hiking specifically with kids and what they might get out of it, and who got the better night’s sleep on the Jurassic coast?? Already looking forward to episode three!

    • daylightgambler says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment Nick!

      I will leave the first question for Gareth to answer, but the answer to the second question is….. I think Gareth probably had the better night’s sleep, as my back kept me restless!

    • Gareth says:

      Nick, thanks for such a lovely comment, I really had a blast recording this with Phil, despite his moaning about what constituted a Bivvy 😉

      In terms of using Social Hiking with kids, I’ve not thought about using it from their perspective or what they might get out of it. Perhaps if they were a bit older they might! We did discuss however using it potentially for nervous parents tracking kids whilst outdoors. Obviously there is the usual privacy concerns which could be deflected with a delay, but it might encourage more parents to let their kids out in the hills for say D of E or to experience wild camping if Social Hiking could reassure them where they are.

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