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Location: Europe/London

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So far this year I have:

Stats for Hiking walked 361 km, climbed 13,025 metres and shared 24 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 4 peaks

In 2016 I:

Stats for Hiking walked 366 km, climbed 12,397 metres and shared 23 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 1 peak

Tracks Blogtrottr

12th October 2017

12th October 2017

12th Oct 2017

Beacons: 36 | Distance: 4.0 km | Height Gain: 519 m

28th September 2017

28th September 2017

28th Sep 2017

Beacons: 27 | Distance: 3.2 km | Height Gain: 102 m

Workhouse Walks

Workhouse Walks

Retracing and remembering the walks led by the Workhouse schoolmaster William Winkworth in 1856. Reflecting on memory, welfare and respect with regard to mor than 3000 unmarked graves of those who died in poverty in the Bath Union Workhouse .

Beacons: 845 | Maps: 8

Workhouse walks to the Burial Ground 20th September 2017

Workhouse walks to the Burial Ground 20th September 2017

20th Sep 2017

From Museum of Bath at Work to Bath Union Workhouse burial ground

Beacons: 96 | Distance: 13.4 km | Height Gain: 454 m

Anti mapping walk

Anti mapping walk

13th Sep 2017

Developing the anit-mapper of Bath for Co-create conference

Beacons: 26 | Distance: 3.4 km | Height Gain: 221 m

Workhouse walk eastern parishes

Workhouse walk eastern parishes

6th Sep 2017

abrupt end to track from loss of signal...Viewranger gave up on me!

Beacons: 56 | Distance: 7.1 km | Height Gain: 299 m

Bagged Peaks

Bathampton Down

Bathampton Down [UK]

Bagged on 20th Sep 2017 1:15pm

Hill - 204m
Bathampton Down

Bathampton Down [UK]

Bagged on 26th Jul 2017 5:23pm

Hill - 204m
Ballard Down

Ballard Down [UK]

Bagged on 11th May 2017 2:39pm

Hill - 162m

ground adjacent to gate post

Nine Barrow Down

Nine Barrow Down [UK]

Bagged on 11th May 2017 1:31pm

Peak - 200m

no feature 55m ENE of oil tank

Lyncombe Hill

Lyncombe Hill [UK]

Bagged on 3rd Jan 2016 1:16pm

Hill - 127m

Southdown [UK]

Bagged on 9th Jan 2015 7:29pm

Hill - 141m


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