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Born n bred North Cumbrian into all things outdoors Hiking ,Camping ,Mountain Biking , Road Biking

Location: Europe/London

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In the last month I have:

Stats for Cycling cycled 48 miles, climbed 4,150 feet and shared 4 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 3 peaks

So far this year I have:

Stats for Hiking walked 487 miles, climbed 39,514 feet and shared 57 tracks and 0 routes
Stats for Cycling cycled 184 miles, climbed 11,362 feet and shared 11 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 35 peaks

In 2019 I:

Stats for Hiking walked 479 miles, climbed 81,263 feet and shared 61 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 128 peaks

Tracks Blogtrottr

19th September 2020

19th September 2020

19th Sep 2020

Beacons: 54 | Distance: 5.4 miles | Height Gain: 587 ft

8th September 2020

8th September 2020

8th Sep 2020

Beacons: 91 | Distance: 28.5 miles | Height Gain: 627 ft

6th September 2020

6th September 2020

6th Sep 2020

Beacons: 53 | Distance: 4.9 miles | Height Gain: 1,027 ft

3rd September 2020

3rd September 2020

3rd Sep 2020

Beacons: 100 | Distance: 9.1 miles | Height Gain: 1,909 ft

20th August 2020

20th August 2020

20th Aug 2020

Beacons: 38 | Distance: 3.9 miles | Height Gain: 682 ft

17th August 2020

17th August 2020

17th Aug 2020

Beacons: 39 | Distance: 6.1 miles | Height Gain: 846 ft

Routes Blogtrottr

A walk up Grey Mare's Tail and Loch Skeen

A walk up Grey Mare's Tail and Loch Skeen

Beacons: 134 | Distance: 8.1 miles | Height Gain: 2,582 ft

Bagged Peaks

Beinn Shleibhe

Beinn Shleibhe [UK]

Bagged on 8th Sep 2020 12:35pm

Hill - 93m
Beinn Sciathan [Ben Scrien]

Beinn Sciathan [Ben Scrien] [UK]

Bagged on 6th Sep 2020 11:18am

Peak - 186m

rocky rib 5m NW of trig point

Beinn Tangabhal [Ben Tangaval]

Beinn Tangabhal [Ben Tangaval] [UK]

Bagged on 3rd Sep 2020 1:24pm

Peak - 332m

trig point

Talkin Fell

Talkin Fell [UK]

Bagged on 20th Aug 2020 7:27pm

Hill - 381m

trig point

Sale Fell

Sale Fell [UK]

Bagged on 17th Aug 2020 7:39pm

Peak - 359m

embedded rock in grass


Rivings [UK]

Bagged on 17th Aug 2020 7:33pm

Hill - 335m

no feature 40m SE of pile of stones

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