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Location: Europe/Paris

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Stats for Winter Sports travelled 47.6 km on the snow, climbed 3,585 metres and shared 4 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 3 peaks

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Stats for Hiking walked 105 km, climbed 10,205 metres and shared 8 tracks and 4 routes
Stats for Winter Sports travelled 69 km on the snow, climbed 6,514 metres and shared 7 tracks and 0 routes
Bagged peaks bagged 4 peaks

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An aggregation of all of the snowshoe trails I've taken (includes some planned routes). More at

Beacons: 5887 | Maps: 40

Galoppaz - Bauges

Galoppaz - Bauges

4th Mar 2018

Fantastic hike up to the big and little Galoppaz in the Massive de Bauges

Beacons: 212 | Distance: 13.6 km | Height Gain: 954 m

Gros Martel, Vecors

Gros Martel, Vecors

24th Feb 2018

Gros Martel hike through the clouds with the CAF GO

Beacons: 174 | Distance: 11.4 km | Height Gain: 1,054 m

Grand Manti - Chartreuse

Grand Manti - Chartreuse

13th Jan 2018

Planned route with the CAF - Les Varvats, commune de St Pierre d'Entremont, 1042m - Fontaine de Rigne-Bâton - Chalet de l'Alpettaz 1538m - Grand Manti 1814m - retour par Pratcel 1451m si les conditions l'autorisent.

Beacons: 204 | Distance: 10.1 km | Height Gain: 916 m

Grand Rocher from Pipay

Grand Rocher from Pipay

6th Jan 2018

We tried this last year but the weather wasn't good and the snow was super deep, so we turned back at the Col de Merdare. Time for another try.

Beacons: 263 | Distance: 12.6 km | Height Gain: 661 m

Plateau Sornin - Vercors

Plateau Sornin - Vercors

23rd Dec 2017

Raquette with the CAF

Beacons: 244 | Distance: 11.7 km | Height Gain: 818 m

Routes Blogtrottr

Route Lacs de Petarel Ecrins

Route Lacs de Petarel Ecrins

Planned route

Beacons: 58 | Distance: 13.2 km | Height Gain: 1,306 m

Lac de Crop

Lac de Crop

Straightforward route from parking at Les Fauges, however I'm not sure if the road up there is open... Might have been cut after Prabert. 4km, 720m climb.

Beacons: 26 | Distance: 4.0 km | Height Gain: 659 m

GR549 Lac de Crozet and Lac Blanc circuit

GR549 Lac de Crozet and Lac Blanc circuit

There's a circular hike from Col de Pre Molard, that also takes in Lac du Crozet and Lac de la Grand Sitre (GR549A). 20km 2067m gain.

Beacons: 111 | Distance: 20.4 km | Height Gain: 1,939 m

Lac Blanc from Le Chenevrey

Lac Blanc from Le Chenevrey

Most direct path to Lac Blanc seems to be from parking at Le Chenevrey (919m) - 6.15km, 1412m climb

Beacons: 34 | Distance: 6.1 km | Height Gain: 1,354 m

Reco Chamrousse

Reco Chamrousse

Beacons: 131 | Distance: 28.6 km | Height Gain: 2,046 m

Circuit du balcon de la Romanche - Alpe du Grand Serre

Circuit du balcon de la Romanche - Alpe du Grand Serre

Route 5, 8.5km, 350m 5h

Beacons: 169 | Distance: 8.4 km | Height Gain: 488 m

Bagged Peaks

Pointe de la Galoppaz

Pointe de la Galoppaz [FR]

Bagged on 4th Mar 2018 12:09pm

Peak - 1681m
Col de Merdaret

Col de Merdaret [FR]

Bagged on 6th Jan 2018 1:47pm

Pass - 1794m
Grand Rocher

Grand Rocher [FR]

Bagged on 6th Jan 2018 11:58am

Mountain - 1900m
Pic Saint-Michel

Pic Saint-Michel [FR]

Bagged on 5th Aug 2017 2:22pm

Peak - 1966m
Col de la Porte

Col de la Porte [FR]

Bagged on 25th Feb 2017 7:30am

Pass - 1327m
La Petite Moucherolle

La Petite Moucherolle [FR]

Bagged on 18th Feb 2017 11:57am

Mountain - 2156m


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