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Active walker and occasional off-roader.

Location: Europe/London

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In the last month I have:

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So far this year I have:

Stats for Hiking walked 106 miles, climbed 3,478 feet and shared 1 track and 1 route
Stats for Road Trip travelled 7,045 miles and shared 1 track and 0 routes

In 2017 I:

Stats for Hiking walked 33 miles, climbed 7,064 feet and shared 4 tracks and 0 routes

Tracks Blogtrottr

UKJeeper does the USA, on a motorcycle!

UKJeeper does the USA, on a motorcycle!

2nd Jul 2018 - 14th Aug 2018

Riding a CB500X from Montreal, Canada down the US East Coast, then across the US via the Trans America Trail to L.A, up the West Coast to Vancouver, Canada.

Beacons: 350 | Distance: 7,045.5 miles | Height Gain: 84,692 ft

Track May 5, 2018 9:02:40 AM

Track May 5, 2018 9:02:40 AM

5th May 2018

Beacons: 302 | Distance: 106.3 miles | Height Gain: 3,478 ft

Santa Cruz Island, California.

Santa Cruz Island, California.

26th Nov 2017

Beacons: 110 | Distance: 5.7 miles | Height Gain: 666 ft

Shelf Trail. Ojai, California

Shelf Trail. Ojai, California

20th Nov 2017

Beacons: 74 | Distance: 3.8 miles | Height Gain: 1,198 ft

11th June 2017

11th June 2017

11th Jun 2017

Beacons: 150 | Distance: 10.2 miles | Height Gain: 2,671 ft

10th June 2017

10th June 2017

10th Jun 2017

Beacons: 221 | Distance: 13.2 miles | Height Gain: 2,530 ft

Routes Blogtrottr

Route created from UKJeeper does the USA, on a motorcycle!

Route created from UKJeeper does the USA, on a motorcycle!

Beacons: 342 | Distance: 7,045.4 miles | Height Gain: 84,672 ft

Route 0001

Route 0001

Beacons: 121 | Distance: 10.9 miles | Height Gain: 3,520 ft

Route created from Billing Laning

Route created from Billing Laning

Beacons: 158 | Distance: 42.4 miles | Height Gain: 1,604 ft

IOW laning

IOW laning

Beacons: 260 | Distance: 66.9 miles | Height Gain: 3,753 ft

Boudicca Way. MY way!

Boudicca Way. MY way!

Beacons: 195 | Distance: 31.7 miles | Height Gain: 1,713 ft

Across The Divide

Across The Divide

This is the route I will be following on May 7th as I walk 40km to raise money for Little Havens Childrens Hospice. Please donate at Little Havens Children's Hospice provides respite breaks, symptom control and end-of-life care for youngsters living with life-limiting conditions. We aim to make their journey - and that of their family - as comfortable as possible, creating special memories along the way.

Beacons: 116 | Distance: 27.3 miles | Height Gain: 3,120 ft

Bagged Peaks

Maiden Moor

Maiden Moor [UK]

Bagged on 25th Jun 2016 3:36pm

Hill - 575m

no feature

High Spy

High Spy [UK]

Bagged on 25th Jun 2016 3:06pm

Mountain - 653m

large cairn


Robinson [UK]

Bagged on 25th Jun 2016 12:36pm

Mountain - 737m


High Snockrigg

High Snockrigg [UK]

Bagged on 25th Jun 2016 11:56am

Hill - 526m

small cairn

Whiteless Pike

Whiteless Pike [UK]

Bagged on 25th Jun 2016 10:00am

Mountain - 660m

no feature 5m W of small pile of stones


Wandope [UK]

Bagged on 25th Jun 2016 9:36am

Mountain - 772m

small pile of stones

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