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Lofoten Meandering Jump to location

5th - 18th Oct 2017

Beacons: 34 | Distance: 23.0 km | Height Gain: 817 m

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Tour of lakes for Ste Mac Jump to location

20th Aug 2017 - 4th Sep 2017

Maps: 1

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Move Jump to location

22nd Aug 2017

Beacons: 185 | Distance: 18.3 km | Height Gain: 1,090 m

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Corsica - GR20 Jump to location

18th Jun 2017 - 2nd Jul 2017

Beacons: 413 | Distance: 149 km | Height Gain: 10,980 m

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Northern Exposure Jump to location

7th Dec 2016 - 13th Jan 2017

Beacons: 614 | Distance: 1,477 km | Height Gain: 8,446 m

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2nd January 2017 Jump to location

2nd Jan 2017

Beacons: 13 | Distance: 31.5 km | Height Gain: 153 m

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Off road cycle touring trip Jump to location

17th - 24th Oct 2016

Off road adventure and hopefully not too technical for me!

Beacons: 258 | Distance: 329 km | Height Gain: 4,542 m

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An Alpine journey Jump to location

5th - 11th Jul 2016

A last minute decision to head to the Alps. I think we will be heading to the Bernese Oberland..

Beacons: 184 | Distance: 45.9 km | Height Gain: 3,166 m

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Route of actual journey (whilst out of SPOT coverage) Jump to location

Unfortunately I have no SPOT coverage in South America, so I am providing Social Hiking with the route of my journey until signal returns!

Beacons: 653 | Distance: 1,792 km | Height Gain: 6,546 m

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Username: JillySherlock

On Twitter: @SherlockTales

Location: Europe/London

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