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Social Hiking Versions

Version 1.7.x

  • 27/05/18: restricted registrations
  • 27/05/18: removed twitter mentions as an option
  • 27/05/18: updated twitter and twitter photo account setup
  • 14/09/17: patch to make Google maps work again
  • 14/06/17: change to SPOT updates to respect 2s delay between polls
  • 30/12/16: Attempted fix to resolve the vanishing Foursquare checkins bug reported by @pilgrimchris and @hillplodder
  • 21/12/16: Adding a function to refresh media links for a map (currently just admin only for now)
  • 26/09/16: fixed a bug with how markers are generated for combi maps
  • 17/08/16: Stopped the route select box from extending outside the content area
  • 17/08/16: Virgin Money Giving integration is back!
  • 22/06/16: fixing a major bug relating to route map numbering hittin a maximum in the beacon table caused by a badly specified table field
  • 17/06/16: using the location api now updates your last active date
  • 17/06/16: implemented automated account suspension process
  • 17/06/16: removed some old environment code surplus to requirements
  • 17/06/16: fixed a few bugs relating to old location sources
  • 17/06/16: fixed issue editing Yellowbrick settings (for the zero people that use it!)
  • 17/06/16: added missing page meta on location sources page
  • 17/06/16: removed all code relating to Geoloqi [RIP]
  • 10/06/16: removed existing Virgin Money Giving integration (it will be back soon using the official API!)
  • 03/06/16: implemented automated account suspension warning process
  • 03/06/16: moth balling integrations with ipadio, smugmug, soundcloud and twitgoo due to lack of use
  • 12/05/16: fix to Google Maps to stop crashing for empty maps especially on group maps
  • 09/05/16: Tweaks behind the scenes to how the site decides if a user can access premium functionality
  • 03/04/16: Alpha support for Iridium satellite phones and devices added. Get in touch if you want to be involved in testing!
  • 03/04/16: Fixed the 'Why do you keep on re-following me' bug that was driving everyone up the wall. Twitter changed their API which revealed that we were not checking that we followed you before following you.... if that makes sense....anyway we check now (although Twitter have undone whatever they did to reveal the problem in the first place!)
  • 03/04/16: Added the missing meta page title for 'My Settings'

  • 19/03/16: fix for maps with no beacons still trying to fit to bounds
  • 18/01/16: increased font size of Google map infowindows
  • 18/01/16: increased size of images in map infowindows pop ups
  • 17/01/16: fix to issue with peak lists not loading if you had bagged a lot of them
  • 17/01/16: update to Dartmoor tors list
  • 17/01/16: tweak to iframes / full size mode to better support mobile devices
  • 05/09/15: extended range of Delorme import (- 12 hours) to protected better against data loss issues
  • 05/09/15: fix to changed end point for Delorme feeds
  • 10/08/15: a fix for the resetting notifications bug
  • 26/04/15: adjustment to how altitude and speed is extracted from Delorme data
  • 08/04/15: Added geocaching as an activty option
  • 07/03/15: Urgent fix to Delorme integration after they changed their data format :(
  • 07/03/15: Major update to how the site updates data
  • 27/01/15: Removed an unrequired test script
  • 27/01/15: Removed minor error occuring during file upload when no javascript available
  • 24/01/15: Trapping a minor bug that occurs when checking for related maps to update
  • 21/01/15: Formerly removing the users page - too many to load in one go now!
  • 21/01/15: Fixed bug that occurs when trying to access a map that no longer exists
  • 20/01/15: Removing reference to Twitpic (all photos remain linked to maps)
  • 20/01/15: Traps JustGiving API error
  • 20/01/15: Correctly handling result when Soundcloud API returns an error
  • 20/01/15: Trapping a rare bug where a user has a blank timezone
  • 20/01/15: Trapping a stray error relating to how map data files are built
  • 20/01/15: Trapping a stray error relating to caching Flickr images
  • 20/01/15: Update to allow Bambuser video titles to update from source
  • 22/11/14: Fixing display bugs introduced by unexpected changes to Justgiving API
  • 19/10/14: Upgraded gpx/kml import to work with latest browers and improved mobile support
  • 21/09/14: Added support for secure (SSL) iframe embeds [under final testing]
  • 21/09/14: Plug-in upgrade to fix missing controls on Google Maps
  • 10/08/14: Minor bug fixes
  • 09/08/14: Fix to key of date-based combi maps (thanks Kev)
  • 09/08/14: Minor bug fixes
  • 09/08/14: Removing a few broken links (thanks Peter)
  • 09/08/14: Dartmoor Tors and Rocks feature list
  • 15/07/14: Peaks can now be added that have been missed off maps [SUPPORTERS ONLY]
  • 08/07/14: Added initial page for managing bagged peaks for maps
  • 08/07/14: Bagged peaks can be deleted
  • 08/07/14: Maps can be refreshed to bag additional peaks after data changes and newly added peaks [SUPPORTER ONLY]
  • 08/07/14: Few fixes relating to icons for features on older pages
  • 08/07/14: Added very basic initial support for peak lists
  • 08/07/14: Added concept of 'other' feature type for custom lists, e.g. Dartmoor Tors & Rocks
  • 08/07/14: Addition of 12,000 additional UK peaks, mountains and hills
  • 06/07/14: Update to all existing UK peaks with latest data and better classifications
  • 06/07/14: Fix to bagged peak alerts
  • 05/07/14: Changed default filter settings on supporter user profile pages to ensure all maps appear
  • 05/07/14: Updated info pages to include Delorme
  • 05/07/14: Formerly suspended Picasa (due to ongoing feed data quality issues)
  • 05/07/14: Formerly removed Qik (closed by Skype in May)
  • 05/07/14: Added ability to get notification when you bag a peak or other feature live
  • 29/06/14: Improved admin functions for manual peak bagging
  • 03/06/14: Upgraded Flickr integration to implemented their changes
  • 03/06/14: Upgraded gpx/kml downloads to use latest api to fix cache issues
  • 13/05/14: Possible fix for @advbot direct messages not working
  • 13/05/14: Fix to the auto following from @SocialHiking and @advbot
  • 09/05/14: Changed how live group maps update to stop the automatic zoom out
  • 09/05/14: Altered twitter share message for group maps to make more sense
  • 30/04/14: Re-added Google Analyitics to embeds to enable usage tracking for planning
  • 26/04/14: Fixed bug with maximum altitude gain for a map
  • 13/04/14: Fixes for Internet Explorer
  • 13/04/14: Fix for certainly varients of Google+ profile urls
  • 13/04/14: Fix to replace broken twitter profile images with default image
  • 12/04/14: Homepage stats now live updating
  • 12/04/14: Homepage columns live update efficiently with animation
  • 12/04/14: Added G+ button to supporter user profiles (and re-styled twitter button)
  • 12/04/14: Style tweak to private map label on homepage
  • 12/04/14: Google+ profile linking now supports vanity urls
  • 11/04/14: Fixed bug with help pop-up on certain pages
  • 10/04/14: New supporters page
  • 10/04/14: Improved admin supporter management
  • 10/04/14: Minor style tweak to homepage
  • 06/04/14: Added missing RSS and Blogtrottr feed links for supporter user profiles
  • 06/04/14: Better setup of coding environment settings
  • 06/04/14: Removal of homepage background image on mobiles
  • 05/04/14: Removal of Streamzoo (service closed)
  • 05/04/14: New header and footer throughout site
  • 05/04/14: New responsive homepage layout with latest bagged peaks
  • 05/04/14: Fixed broken support email link
  • 05/04/14: Help side tab replaced with navigation option
  • 05/04/14: A few diddy tweaks and fixes

Version 1.6.6

  • Profile images are now cached, so changing your twitter profile picture will not break your profile image on Social Hiking (which is updated when you next login
  • Better management of 'gone away' users including adding a default profile image
  • Added initial framework to support other social login services and profile pictures
  • Fixed broken map thumb images on supporter user profiles
  • Bug fixes from error logs (
  • Fixed issue with Geoloqi not pulling in locations (
  • Fixing issue with linking with Foursquare and Flickr (
  • Fixed bug with certain characters when producing combi and challenge maps (
  • Few fixes with image cropping especially profile fixtures (

Version 1.6.5

  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.6.4

  • New 'Find tracks and routes' option now live and public - http://www.shareyouradventure.com/maps
  • New 'Peaks' page with browseable map now live and public - http://www.shareyouradventure.com/features
  • Individual 'peak' (and feature) pages now live and public
  • User bagged lists and any new or updated maps now link to individual peak pages
  • Supporters now have enhanced user profiles [premium feature]
  • G+ / Facebook share buttons now include first photo from map as thumb if available (otherwise user profile)
  • Few other tweaks and bug fixes


  • Replaced Get Satisfaction feedback tab with a support helpdesk 'Help' tab
  • Closed Get Satisfaction community (to be replaced with an in-house concept in the future)
  • Fixed the ghosting issue when switching between Google and OS maps
  • Added an 'Automatic Map Select' option to the browseable maps - the map will automatically switch between OS and Google maps as you browse in and out of the UK


  • Patch some oddness going on with Delorme timezones


  • Browseable maps on peak page and find tracks page (both still supporter only for now) now allow you to view multiple lines at the same time (with a button to hide them) and includes a 'refresh' button which clears everything in memory and reloads current view.
  • Browseable maps: you can now switch between Google Maps and OS Maps.... instantly..... without a reload.... keeping what's visible on the map.... yeah it's cool....
  • Workaround to solve the Picasa 'public but not public' bug
  • Fix to the Foursquare integration and a code update (the version being used was depreciated)
  • Updated wording when linking ViewRanger to better reflect their naming conventions
  • Possible fix to the issue with Pushover settings being forgotten
  • Fixed the Twitter auto follow bug that stopped @socialhiking and @advbot following new users
  • Improved the registration form by removing advanced settings that had snuck on by mistake
  • Removed urls from @advbot DM responses - if you want map links, use email or pushover (Twitter seems to block DMs with links)
  • Hopefully trapped a harmless but error generating bug that was driving me up the wall

Version 1.6.3

  • Few design tweaks to the peak pages
  • Supporters can now add and edit descriptions to peaks [supporters only]
  • Map search, browsing and filtering to find maps and tracks [supporters only]

Version 1.6.2

  • Made Delorme supported devices public as a location source (and fixed a related bug)
  • Added a new, much much cooler, peak search and browse function [supporters only for now]
  • Added peak bagging stats - by peak and by user for the last month, last year and all time [supporters only for now]
  • Added peak pages - showing first and latest baggers, maps including that peak, user stats and a browsable map with nearby peaks and maps [supporters only for now]
  • When logged in, peaks a user has already bagged are marked different [supporters only for now]
  • Lots of code stuff that no one will notice!!
  • Bug fix - fixed the 'PilgrimChris' Bambuser video display bug
  • Bug fix - hashtags no longer case sensitive
  • Bug fix - fixed an issue caused by change in Picasa API


  • Location source is now appearing correctly again (new code = broken = now fixed!)
  • Pushover support for notifications fully functional - there is some stuff you cannot test locally or on the staging server!

Version 1.6.1

  • New commands for Adventure Bot: icon (replace your last beacon with a marker - pub, info, food, camp or castle), title (changes the title of your last map), privacy (to change the privacy of your last map)
  • Removed the OS map tile checker - they broke it in their last update, but have kindly boosted our tile limit until it is fixed
  • Fixed the extension issue caused by Chrome on Android when downloading gpx files off the site
  • Reduced the distance before a peak is bagged to avoid false positives
  • Fixed a bug stopping SPOT3 from working
  • Edit button on each of your maps if you are logged in
  • RSS feeds are now publically accessible for all tracks / routes, and for each user
  • Pushover now supported (to get push notifications on your phone) - setup under 'settings'
  • Added a notifications centre, including Pushover and email support (as well as Twitter messages)
  • Fixed a few URL issues from the last update - I can now feature maps again, and the large graphs work again!
  • Location sharing via URL polling is now available for testing - get in touch if you want to test it!
  • Formally removed Instagram commenting (they stopped comment API access)
  • Minor bug fixes - nothing to be alarmed about!

Version 1.6.0

  • Switched to the latest Google Maps API using the brand new design refresh (including peaks map)
  • Merged all the separate map urls into a new cleaner url
  • Fixed a bug caused when Adventure Bot could not echo a command from SPOT for users with twitter mentions enabled
  • Switched the Bambuser feed being used (the old feed was broken during a Bambuser update)
  • Added basic api key for future updates
  • Fixed bug with live combi maps opening with the wrong beacon
  • 'Under the bonnet' updates to facilitate future updates
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Added some testing and admin code to make my life easier

Version 1.5.x


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