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1st September 2015

1st September 2015 beaufell

LIVE 1st Sep 2015

Beacons: 13 | Distance: 39.0 km | Height Gain: 116 m

Carpathian Traverse

Carpathian Traverse CarpathianTraverse

From 28th Aug 2015 onwards

Lee Harley-Marshall and Robert Proud will attempt to walk the length of the Carpathian Mountains in its entirety including the Little Carpathians also. The expedition will be self funded, in tents without support. We aim to take 4 months to walk approximately 1200 miles through some of Europes last wilderness. We hope you enjoy our journey..

Beacons: 110 | Distance: 63.3 km | Height Gain: 1,217 m

Grey Corries Trip

Grey Corries Trip davezeking

From 30th Aug 2015 onwards

Attempting the 8 Munros near Spean Bridge

Beacons: 87 | Distance: 35.7 km | Height Gain: 2,398 m

Grindleford to Bakewell

Grindleford to Bakewell JohnYates

1st Sep 2015

Beacons: 252 | Distance: 13.5 miles | Height Gain: 1,768 ft

1st September 2015

1st September 2015 Canoe_Trail

1st Sep 2015

Beacons: 17 | Distance: 4.0 miles | Height Gain: 479 ft

31st August 2015

31st August 2015 ianfitz

31st Aug 2015

Beacons: 63 | Distance: 168.3 km | Height Gain: 1,133 m

31st August 2015

31st August 2015 SPOTloan1

31st Aug 2015

Beacons: 48 | Distance: 16.5 km | Height Gain: 1,641 m

Rostrevor Forest 31/08/15

Rostrevor Forest 31/08/15 jlbrooke

31st Aug 2015

Beacons: 134 | Distance: 10.4 km | Height Gain: 520 m

31st August 2015

31st August 2015 DavieRob10

31st Aug 2015

Beacons: 2 | Distance: 0.0 km | Height Gain: 0 m

Featured Tracks Blogtrottr

The Beacon Bike

The Beacon Bike thebeaconbike

From 4th May 2015 onwards

Starts Monday 4th May 2015 - 3,500 mile cycle route around the coast of England & Wales, including the Channel Islands, IOW and Scilly Isles, visiting every onshore and offshore lighthouse in aid of Shift MS

Beacons: 4682 | Distance: 7,115.1 km | Height Gain: 28,607 m

100km Trailwalker 2015 'Gonna Fly Now'

100km Trailwalker 2015 'Gonna Fly Now' LordValovin

25th - 26th Jul 2015

On Saturday 25th July, Jo, Rene, Darren, Roger, Nick and I take on the 100km Gurkha Trailwalker 2015 as part of team ‘Gonna Fly Now’. We are taking part in this Epic challenge to raise money for Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust. We will be walking 2 ½ marathons non-stop on a route that will take in climbs the equivalent over walking over Ben Nevis, Snowdon AND Scarfell Pike.

Beacons: 610 | Distance: 69.9 miles | Height Gain: 7,146 ft

Trailwalker 2015

Trailwalker 2015 L8starters

25th - 26th Jul 2015

Yes, this is it - Trailwalker 2015 is here and we are all set to cross the south downs from Petersfield to Brighton, covering 100kms. Thanks everyone for your generosity with donations and words of encouragement!

Beacons: 2315 | Distance: 119.8 km | Height Gain: 5,405 m

TGO Challenge 2015

TGO Challenge 2015 socialhiking

8th - 22nd May 2015

The TGO Challenge is an annual self-supported walking event across the Highlands of Scotland, west coast to east coast. It started in 1980 and was the brainchild of the well-known writer and mountaineer, Hamish Brown. The Challenge is held every May and is sponsored by TGO, the walkers' magazine.

Beacons: 9765 | Maps: 11

Scottish National Trail

Scottish National Trail Tramplite

23rd Apr 2015 - 29th May 2015

865km hike from Kirk Yetholm to Cape Wrath which I'm using as a warmup hike for my much longer Continental Divide hike starting in June.

Beacons: 1321 | Distance: 968.0 km | Height Gain: 16,633 m

Ten Tors 2015

Ten Tors 2015 HansPriceAC

9th May 2015

Beacons: 79 | Distance: 44.8 km | Height Gain: 1,065 m

The Pennine Way

The Pennine Way vinny1946

9th - 24th Apr 2015

I have alway wanted to walk the Pennine Way but never had the time until now. So at 69 next month, I’m finally getting round to it. I'm planning on doing the 268 miles in 16 days.

Beacons: 1273 | Distance: 278.9 miles | Height Gain: 3,171,421 ft

Car Free Walks

Car Free Walks FlintyRich

A map of walks I have enjoyed without having to use a car to either get to the start or get home from the finish. Over time, I will add details of the public transport that I used, to help those wishing to follow in my footsteps without the use of a car.

Beacons: 45496 | Maps: 52

London Statues Walk - The Artists

London Statues Walk - The Artists hillplodder

20th Jan 2015

A walk around London visiting the various statues and memorials to artists and passing a selection of the main galleries.

Beacons: 207 | Distance: 32.2 km | Height Gain: 1,039 m

All Routes Blogtrottr

Spean Bridge

Spean Bridge davezeking

Beacons: 163 | Distance: 65.9 km | Height Gain: 4,054 m

Scotland 5 day

Scotland 5 day munro277

Beacons: 148 | Distance: 77.0 miles | Height Gain: 25,525 ft

North West Princetown Sept 15

North West Princetown Sept 15 Col

Beacons: 111 | Distance: 13.0 miles | Height Gain: 1,946 ft


C2C stevenhorner

Whitehaven to Sunderland

Beacons: 271 | Distance: 153.1 miles | Height Gain: 8,750 ft

The Ladder Hills - Cairngorms

The Ladder Hills - Cairngorms scottishtracks

Beacons: 22 | Distance: 16.1 km | Height Gain: 486 m

Beinn Chabhair, from Inverarnan

Beinn Chabhair, from Inverarnan FlintyRich

Beacons: 179 | Distance: 10.5 miles | Height Gain: 3,271 ft

Around 3sisters

Around 3sisters robvdw

Beacons: 299 | Distance: 76.6 km | Height Gain: 2,589 m

Pate - Rodgers Canyon vv

Pate - Rodgers Canyon vv robvdw

Beacons: 138 | Distance: 30.8 km | Height Gain: 1,920 m

Featured Routes Blogtrottr

Tor Bagging on the Two Moors Way

Tor Bagging on the Two Moors Way hillplodder

The Devon Coast to Coast route starting from Wembury, following the Erme-Plym trail to Ivybridge then the Two Moors Way for the rest of the way, but with detours to pick off the tors that lie close to the path.

Beacons: 668 | Distance: 196.3 km | Height Gain: 4,754 m

Australia: The Australian Alpine Walking Track

Australia: The Australian Alpine Walking Track MoorlandWalker

The 'Australian Alps Walking Track' is a 650km route that passes through the mountains of Victoria and New South Wales. It is primarily a wilderness style walk as it passes through natural landscapes and there are no major facilities. For more, visit:

Beacons: 4957 | Distance: 647.9 km | Height Gain: 28,193 m

The South Yorkshire Way -  Circular Path

The South Yorkshire Way - Circular Path PilgrimChris

A brand new long distance circular walk in South Yorkshire created by @AndrewRWhite with a dedicated website and Twitter account @SouthYorksWay

Beacons: 2371 | Distance: 195.1 miles | Height Gain: 20,131 ft

Guestimate route for 10in10 2014 in aid of @mssocietyuk #socialhiking4ms

Guestimate route for 10in10 2014 in aid of @mssocietyuk #socialhiking4ms daylightgambler

A guestimate route for 10 in 10 in aid of MS Society on 21st June 2014 based on finalised peaks. Find out more at Join me and Social Hikers as we take part:

Beacons: 101 | Distance: 16.8 miles | Height Gain: 6,188 ft

Dartmoor: The Perambulation of 1240

Dartmoor: The Perambulation of 1240 MoorlandWalker

In 1240 King Henry III ordered that Dartmoor Forest, owned by his brother, Richard of Cornwall, should be confirmed by a boundary perambulation. The Sheriff of Devon and 12 knights rode around, and listed 32 waypoints as the boundary. To complete the walk, all points must be visited. For more:

Beacons: 672 | Distance: 84.0 km | Height Gain: 2,529 m

British Coast to Coast Routes

British Coast to Coast Routes PilgrimChris

A selection of Coast to Coast (C2C) routes in the Uk. The well known routes are here plus some you may not have seen before. Click on any of the maps titles in the scrollable list on the right to see each individual C2C Route in more detail. GPX files are available to download for each route too.

Beacons: 41073 | Maps: 16

The Ways of the Saints: Pilgrimages & Pilgrim Routes in the UK

The Ways of the Saints: Pilgrimages & Pilgrim Routes in the UK PilgrimChris

Pilgrimages, pilgrim routes and routes of religious historical interest in the UK. Some of these routes are pilgrimages over 1000 years old whilst others are new routes visiting places of historically religious interests. Click on any map title in the scrollable list on the right for more detail of the selected route.

Beacons: 40821 | Maps: 25

Snowdonia Route - North Western Carneddau

Snowdonia Route - North Western Carneddau FlintyRich

A circular route on the north western Carneddau from Abergwyngregyn. There is a regular bus service along the north Wales coast, should you wish to walk this route without getting to the start by car,.

Beacons: 222 | Distance: 21.6 miles | Height Gain: 5,594 ft

Chilterns Cycle Ride - Day 1

Chilterns Cycle Ride - Day 1 CliveCycling

Planned cycle ride in the Chilterns

Beacons: 337 | Distance: 90.4 miles | Height Gain: 4,856 ft


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