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Hiking Swift Bleaklow Wild Camp
[6th - 7th Jun 2012] public

A swift Bleaklow wild camp for those low on time. The first night can be done in the evening after work, the second is a full days walk back through wild Bleaklow. We had to cut short the second day and it failed to track but you can see the path on the OS map clearly where you can head back to the start. If you click on the second day you can see the longer planned route.

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Day 2 Swift Bleaklow Wild Camp - Grinah Stones back to Howden Resevoir Jump to location Gareth supports Social Hiking!

7th Jun 2012

Day 2 of a swift slackpack hike on to Bleaklow. Strolling back from Grinah Stones, it takes in the wildness of Bleaklow, following the Penine Way before heading over Alport Moor, down to Rowlee Pasture and back up along the edges of Derwent Resevoir. Our route failed to track the short cut we took at Alport Castles down towards Fox's Piece so I have overlayed the planned route.

Beacons: 57 | Distance: 13.9 km | Height Gain: 255 m


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Day 1 Swift Bleaklow Wild Camp - Howden to Grinah Stones. Jump to location Gareth supports Social Hiking!

6th Jun 2012

Day 1 of a swift slackpack hike up on to Bleaklow. Starting at the corner of Howden resevoir (you can only park there midweek) we took a stroll out on a grey summers evening to the top of Bleaklow for a stunning wild camp.

Beacons: 23 | Distance: 6.3 km | Height Gain: 340 m


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