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Last Month

1st= Mountain Fairfield 873m
1st= Mountain Hart Crag 822m
1st= Mountain Dove Crag 792m
1st= Mountain High Pike (Scandale) 656m
1st= Mountain Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fell] 621m
1st= Mountain Heron Pike (Rydal) 612m
1st= Hill Ryder's Hill 515m
1st= Hill Low Pike 508m
1st= Other Western White Barrow 465m
1st= Hill Ugborough Moor 464m

Last Year

1st Mountain Thornthwaite Crag 784m
2nd= Mountain Ill Bell 757m
2nd= Mountain Froswick 720m
4th= Mountain Fairfield 873m
4th= Peak Sour Howes 483m
6th= Mountain Yoke 706m
6th= Mountain Heron Pike North Top [Rydal Fell] 621m
6th= Mountain Heron Pike (Rydal) 612m
6th= Peak Sallows 516m
10th= Mountain High Street 828m

All Time

1st Mountain Thornthwaite Crag 784m
2nd Hill Mam Tor 517m
3rd Mountain Helvellyn 950m
4th Mountain High Street 828m
5th Peak Sallows 516m
6th Peak Sour Howes 483m
7th Mountain Fairfield 873m
8th Mountain Yoke 706m
9th= Mountain Helvellyn - Lower Man 925m
9th= Mountain Kidsty Pike 780m

Top Baggers

Last Month

1st Yealm14 profile picture Yealm14 16
2nd MoorlandWalker profile picture MoorlandWalker 12
3rd munro277 profile picture munro277 9
4th qc_trax1 profile picture qc_trax1 8
5th jagwalker profile picture jagwalker 7
6th martin_free profile picture martin_free 6
7th Leerockwell15 profile picture Leerockwell15 5
8th TrekkingPaul profile picture TrekkingPaul 4
9th= JohnYates profile picture JohnYates 2
9th= WalkTheMildSide profile picture WalkTheMildSide 2

Last Year

1st pctorbagger profile picture pctorbagger 290
2nd EddieWinthorpe profile picture EddieWinthorpe 282
3rd prb43 profile picture prb43 257
4th munro277 profile picture munro277 240
5th MrsSianB profile picture MrsSianB 213
6th mntainman profile picture mntainman 192
7th MoorlandWalker profile picture MoorlandWalker 179
8th Leerockwell15 profile picture Leerockwell15 173
9th= JohnDunbavin profile picture JohnDunbavin 159
9th= WalkingNorth17 profile picture WalkingNorth17 159

All Time

1st prb43 profile picture prb43 2422
2nd Leerockwell15 profile picture Leerockwell15 2346
3rd munro277 profile picture munro277 2207
4th FlintyRich profile picture FlintyRich 1789
5th MrsSianB profile picture MrsSianB 1462
6th northlakesuk profile picture northlakesuk 1114
7th MoorlandWalker profile picture MoorlandWalker 1059
8th mntainman profile picture mntainman 897
9th TrekkingPaul profile picture TrekkingPaul 867
10th backpackartist profile picture backpackartist 817


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