Mill Hill 544m [Hill]

53.410673, -1.909193 [UK]

Worldwide: 124th= [all time] 37th= [last year] 19th= [last month]
Country: 124th= [all time] 37th= [last year] 19th= [last month]

no feature: 25m NE of cairn

Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14


Last Bagged on 14th Jan 2018 11:55am by dancollins86

First Bagged on 20th May 2012 1:24pm by pm_sheff

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Maps to Mill Hill

Hayfield to Glossop

Hayfield to Glossop JohnYates

8th Apr 2015

via Mount Famine, South Head, Brown Knoll, Kinder Low, Mill Hill, Higher Shelf Stones and James Thorn

Beacons: 354 | Distance: 19.5 miles | Height Gain: 2,746 ft

Pennine Way: Edale to Marsden

Pennine Way: Edale to Marsden hillplodder

6th - 8th Sep 2013

A walk and wildcamp along the first part of the Pennine Way, with @LonewalkerUK

Beacons: 137 | Distance: 45.2 km | Height Gain: 1,684 m

Mill Hill Evening Walk

Mill Hill Evening Walk alistairpooler

28th Aug 2013

An evening walk up Mill Hill from near the Grouse Inn. Returning by way of William Clough. See my blog post for more details:

Beacons: 42 | Distance: 10.9 km | Height Gain: 762 m

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JohnYates [5]

Hill walker mainly in the Peak District.


Rosenrot213 [4]

Usually found wandering around the Peak District


Half9Mike [3]

Peak District NPA Ranger Camper Photography


PilgrimChris [2]

A hiker, a wild camper, a cyclist and passionate about Social Hiking. A geek when it comes to mobile apps and outdoor tech. #ShareYourAdventure with me


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