Lord's Seat [Rushup Edge] 550m [Hill]

53.348039, -1.833361 [UK]

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no feature: 55m W of tumulus

Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14


Last Bagged on 6th Jan 2021 9:49am by JohnYates

First Bagged on 14th Apr 2011 1:37pm by DeanRead

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Maps to Lord's Seat [Rushup Edge]

Dove Holes to Hope

Dove Holes to Hope JohnYates

6th Feb 2018

Via Mam Tor, dropping into Castleton

Beacons: 80 | Distance: 11.4 miles | Height Gain: 1,220 ft

Sparrowpit Return

Sparrowpit Return JohnYates

13th Mar 2017

Via Rushup EdgeLords Seat, Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Edale, Jacobs Ladder and Brown Knoll

Beacons: 133 | Distance: 18.3 miles | Height Gain: 2,520 ft

Peak District: A Journey through the White Peak

Peak District: A Journey through the White Peak backpackartist

8th - 13th Sep 2016

A journey through the limestone dales of the White Peak with @LonewalkerUK as far as Chee Tor, then meeting @wellycath in Tideswell for the stretch to Edale, and a little bit of Dark Peak at the end too.

Beacons: 352 | Distance: 72.9 km | Height Gain: 1,950 m

Top Baggers of Lord's Seat [Rushup Edge]


JohnYates [11]

Hill walker mainly in the Peak District.


FlintyRich [9]

Outdoor enthusiast, walker, backpacker, scrambler, peak bagger, TGO Challenger. Yorkshireman, exiled in the south, who escapes to the mountains very frequently. I'm not mad, I'm ambitious.


Rosenrot213 [3]

Usually found wandering around the Peak District


DeanRead [2]

Can often be spotted Walking, Wild Camping and Cycling in the #GloriousPeakDistrict and beyond while videoing things for YouTube along the way.


wellycath [2]

Geezerbird! Lover of all things spicy, ale, sea, hills, and socialising. Attempts to photograph & blog the above activities. Trainee wild camper & Social Hiker. https://wellycath.wordpress.com/

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