Stiperstones 536m [Peak]

52.581921, -2.934872 [UK]

Worldwide: 451st= [all time] 443rd= [last year] 21st= [last month]
Country: 451st= [all time] 442nd= [last year] 21st= [last month]

trig point

Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14

Marilyn, Dewey

Last Bagged on 9th Aug 2019 9:50am by bpackingbongos

First Bagged on 19th Aug 2012 11:48am by SmirnieOutdoors

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Stiperstones, Shropshire

Stiperstones, Shropshire mixedupmessedup

16th Dec 2012

A wander around the Stiperstones in Shropshire

Beacons: 71 | Distance: 6.5 miles | Height Gain: 3,638 ft

Stiperstones Yomp with consequences

Stiperstones Yomp with consequences SmirnieOutdoors

2nd May 2013

Beautiful sunny day tramping through knee high heather and balancing on fields of lose rock to discover a new peak, The Paddock followed by gentle ridge walk past stunning tors including Shepherds Rock, Devils Chair and Manstone Rock with the demon hound, Harry. All went swimmingly til van broke down and I was eventually towed away at 10pm!

Beacons: 70 | Distance: 6.6 km | Height Gain: 230 m

Shropshire - Stiperstones: A day hiking with members of the #SoupBowlWalkers club.

Shropshire - Stiperstones: A day hiking with members of the #SoupBowlWalkers club. PilgrimChris

16th Dec 2012

This is the second time the founder members of the #SoupBowlWalkers has got together for a hike and again it was in Shropshire - a surprisingly beautiful part of the country for hiking and day walks. This time we took in the area around #Stiperstones taking in Oak Hill, Mytton Dingle, Perkins Beach, The Devil's Chair and Cranberry Hill! Glorious.

Beacons: 162 | Distance: 7.8 miles | Height Gain: 2,782 ft

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