Shining Tor 559m [Peak]

53.260684, -2.009322 [UK]

Worldwide: 41st= [all time] 83rd= [last year] N/A [last month]
Country: 41st= [all time] 83rd= [last year] N/A [last month]

grass mound 6m East of small gate

Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14

Marilyn, Dewey, County Top - Current County / Unitary, County Top - Admin

Last Bagged on 13th Sep 2018 8:08am by JohnYates

First Bagged on 4th Jun 2012 3:57pm by DeanRead

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Maps to Shining Tor

Macclesfield to Buxton

Macclesfield to Buxton JohnYates

20th Aug 2014

Via White Nancy

Beacons: 61 | Distance: 16.0 miles | Height Gain: 2,402 ft

Shining Tor Evening Walk

Shining Tor Evening Walk alistairpooler

1st Apr 2014

An evening walk up Shining Tor in the Peak District.

Beacons: 19 | Distance: 6.1 km | Height Gain: 284 m

Buxton to Macclesfield

Buxton to Macclesfield JohnYates

24th Feb 2018

Via Shining Tor & White Nancy

Beacons: 109 | Distance: 16.9 miles | Height Gain: 1,781 ft

Top Baggers of Shining Tor


JohnYates [34]

Hill walker mainly in the Peak District.


alistairpooler [4]

Hillwalker and backpacker based in Stockport. My favourite walking area is the Highlands in general and I try to get up there as often as possible!


chriso214 [3]

Fifty-something who enjoys life, walking and cricket - in no particular order. Hoping to be doing similar in 2044!


SmirnieOutdoors [2]

Forty something walker and outdoor enthusiast embracing Social Hiking and loving the adventure.


DeanRead [2]

Can often be spotted Walking, Wild Camping and Cycling in the #GloriousPeakDistrict and beyond while videoing things for YouTube along the way.


PilgrimChris [1]

A hiker, a wild camper, a cyclist and passionate about Social Hiking. A geek when it comes to mobile apps and outdoor tech. #ShareYourAdventure with me

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