Whernside 736m [Mountain]

54.227792, -2.402641 [UK]

Worldwide: 93rd= [all time] 82nd= [last year] 30th= [last month]
Country: 93rd= [all time] 82nd= [last year] 30th= [last month]

trig point

Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14

Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall, County Top - Historic, County Top - Current County / Unitary, County Top - Admin

Last Bagged on 10th Dec 2017 11:16am by WalkTheMildSide

First Bagged on 29th Oct 2010 1:14pm by stevenhorner

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Maps to Whernside

The Three Peaks of Yorkshire

The Three Peaks of Yorkshire martin_free

14th Oct 2012

The Three Peaks of Yorkshire, all in one day with @Kendalskintcake and @CumbrianBlondie

Beacons: 510 | Distance: 27.5 miles | Height Gain: 5,909 ft

Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks

Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks Tramplite

14th - 17th Oct 2015

2 day overnight camp based on the Yorkshire Dales 3 Peaks.

Beacons: 64 | Distance: 41.5 km | Height Gain: 1,353 m

Ingleborough and Whernside

Ingleborough and Whernside martin_free

21st - 22nd Mar 2015

From Ribblehead over two days, using lesser known paths on the Saturday

Beacons: 367 | Distance: 21.7 miles | Height Gain: 4,026 ft

Top Baggers of Whernside


martin_free [9]

A social hiker (off-road pub crawler?!) that enjoys taking pictures of the places I've been. @martin_free on Twitter


Tramplite [2]

Full-time hiker, cycle tourer and paddler. Occasional designer of lightweight hiking kit.


PilgrimChris [2]

A hiker, a wild camper, a cyclist and passionate about Social Hiking. A geek when it comes to mobile apps and outdoor tech. #ShareYourAdventure with me http://www.pilgrimchris.com


d1no_f [2]


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