Steel Knotts [Pikeawassa - Steel Knotts] 432m [Peak]

54.555236, -2.866807 [UK]

Worldwide: 312nd= [all time] 271st= [last year] N/A [last month]
Country: 312nd= [all time] 269th= [last year] N/A [last month]

rock outcrop

Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14

400-499m Tump, Wainwright, Birkett

Last Bagged on 8th Sep 2019 1:29pm by howfarurjoking

First Bagged on 27th Feb 2013 1:17pm by northlakesuk

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Maps to Steel Knotts [Pikeawassa - Steel Knotts]

Steel Knotts and Beda Head - Lake District 2018

Steel Knotts and Beda Head - Lake District 2018 jamehand

8th Nov 2018

Straight up the most prominent brow from Howtown to the summit rocks of Pikeawassa atop Steel Knotts. After then dipping down into Matterdale an ascent of Beda Head.

Beacons: 437 | Distance: 6.8 miles | Height Gain: 2,726 ft

Lakeland Wild Camp - A Wander Across Some Far Eastern Fells

Lakeland Wild Camp - A Wander Across Some Far Eastern Fells FlintyRich

18th - 19th Jul 2015

From Penrith, making it up as I go along.

Beacons: 1015 | Distance: 33.9 miles | Height Gain: 9,800 ft

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Leerockwell15 [4]

Love the outdoors,spend all of spare time hiking in the Lake District,or any other place that has Mountains to climb,Munro bagger,Backpacker,Wild camper.


northlakesuk [2]

Born n bred North Cumbrian into all things outdoors Hiking ,Camping ,Mountain Biking , Road Biking


munro277 [2]

Out walking, backpacking in Lakes and Scotland most wks just started a blog


Tramplite [1]

Full-time hiker, cycle tourer and paddler. Occasional designer of lightweight hiking kit.


martin_free [1]

A social hiker (off-road pub crawler?!) that enjoys taking pictures of the places I've been. @martin_free on Twitter


jamehand [1]

Overseas Traveller, Would-be Mountaineer, Skier, Hiker & Occasional Idiotic Adventurer.

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