Great Sca Fell 651m [Mountain]

54.695145, -3.100989 [UK]

Worldwide: 218th= [all time] 66th= [last year] 32nd= [last month]
Country: 218th= [all time] 66th= [last year] 32nd= [last month]


Source: Database of British and Irish Hills v14

Wainwright, Birkett, Deleted Nuttall

Last Bagged on 26th May 2018 3:01pm by Where_to_next

First Bagged on 25th Mar 2012 8:52am by Leerockwell15

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Maps to Great Sca Fell

Skiddaw and a few fells behind

Skiddaw and a few fells behind Leerockwell15

27th - 29th Jul 2012

2 night wild camp around skiddaw area

Beacons: 695 | Distance: 31.6 miles | Height Gain: 10,157 ft

Track 26 May 2018 13:04:35

Track 26 May 2018 13:04:35 Where_to_next

26th May 2018

Beacons: 141 | Distance: 7.2 miles | Height Gain: 1,568 ft

Great Cockup circular walk

Great Cockup circular walk wellycath

5th Apr 2018

Beacons: 187 | Distance: 11.0 miles | Height Gain: 2,402 ft

Top Baggers of Great Sca Fell


northlakesuk [8]

Born n bred North Cumbrian into all things outdoors Hiking ,Camping ,Mountain Biking , Road Biking


Leerockwell15 [4]

Love the outdoors,spend all of spare time hiking in the Lake District,or any other place that has Mountains to climb,Munro bagger,Backpacker,Wild camper.


prb43 [3]

Living the dream, retired to Cumbria, climbing fells and photography keep me busy.


martin_free [2]

A social hiker (off-road pub crawler?!) that enjoys taking pictures of the places I've been. @martin_free on Twitter


FlintyRich [2]

Outdoor enthusiast, walker, backpacker, scrambler, peak bagger, TGO Challenger. Yorkshireman, exiled in the south, who escapes to the mountains very frequently. I'm not mad, I'm ambitious.


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