Sandy Hole Rocks (North) 481m [Other]

50.617737, -3.952056 [UK]

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Dartmoor Tor or Rock

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Last Bagged on 5th Oct 2017 10:46am by litehiker1

First Bagged on 17th May 2014 2:40pm by MoorlandWalker

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Maps to Sandy Hole Rocks (North)

Sittaford Tor via Grey Wethers stone circle

Sittaford Tor via Grey Wethers stone circle Gareth

8th Nov 2015

Great short hike via the stone circle at Grey Wethers. Can be a challenging navigationally with faint paths and will also involve a river crossing which could be tricky after heavy rain.

Beacons: 50 | Distance: 12.2 km | Height Gain: 291 m

Dartmoor: Sittaford Tor Stone Circle

Dartmoor: Sittaford Tor Stone Circle MoorlandWalker

23rd May 2015

A trip up to see the recently found stone circle on Dartmoor. On the way, visited Broad Down, Sandy Hole Rocks (north and south), Broada Stones, Kit Rocks, Winney Down, Sittaford Tor, Grey Wethers Stone Circles, Stannon Tor, Hartland Tor.

Beacons: 341 | Distance: 15.7 km | Height Gain: 385 m

Dartmoor: a north to south traverse

Dartmoor: a north to south traverse MoorlandWalker

17th - 18th May 2014

A two day, 51km, walk, from Belstone at the top of the North Moor, to Ivybridge in the south. Braddon Tor, Cherrybrook Rocks, Hangingstone Hill, Higher White Tor, Knattaborough Tor, Longaford Tor, Lower White Tor, Oke Tor, South Hessary Tor, Whitehorse Hill, Winter Tor, Quintins Man, Sandy Hole Rocks, Broad Down, Broad Rock, Quickbeam Hill, Butterdon Hill, Black Tor (Butterdon)

Beacons: 386 | Distance: 50.8 km | Height Gain: 2,233 m

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daylightgambler [3]

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MoorlandWalker [3]

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Gareth [1]

Rugby loving, welsh cockney, badminton playing outdoor nut.


FlintyRich [1]

Outdoor enthusiast, walker, backpacker, scrambler, peak bagger, TGO Challenger. Yorkshireman, exiled in the south, who escapes to the mountains very frequently. I'm not mad, I'm ambitious.


wellycath [1]

Geezerbird! Lover of all things spicy, ale, sea, hills, and socialising. Attempts to photograph & blog the above activities. Trainee wild camper & Social Hiker.


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