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BuddyBeacon suggestions for ViewRanger

BuddyBeacon is a great feature of ViewRanger – the ability to ping your location (either manually or on a regular basis) and view the location of other ‘buddies’ on your map. Since Social Hiking started, BuddyBeacon has been the primary location source used on the site, especially for smaller trips (for longer trips battery life becomes a massive issue, which is where support for systems like SPOT come in). However since the first beacon was collected, the BuddyBeacon feature has changed little.

Later in the week I will be having a chat with Craig from ViewRanger to talk about possible improvements and updates to BuddyBeacon that will make it even easier to create routes on Social Hiking – if you have any comments, suggestions or anything you want me to pass on to ViewRanger, please let me know in the comments below, via Twitter, or you can email


ViewRanger – Free trial on Android and importing your own routes

Free Trial version of ViewRanger on Android

First up some pretty big news – ViewRanger has released a free trial of their software on Android phones. The free trial gives you 15 days worth of access to all the functionality (including BuddyBeacon) using the open maps (global OpenStreet & OpenCycle mapping and includes Bing road maps and aerial photo layers in the free maps menu).

Just like with the full version, it allows users to view their GPS mapped location, record a track and view performance statistics. As the maps can be stored on the phone it works without a mobile signal. ViewRanger GPS navigation features include the ability to plot your own routes or import GPX files; following the route becomes a breeze, with waypoint and navigation alarms that provide alerts along the course. Real-time location sharing is the other key feature of our app – the “BuddyBeacon(TM)” service allows users to share their location with other app or web users and view the location of their friends on-screen, which is great for peace of mind or progress tracking.

Liking the mention of using BuddyBeacon to share location with other apps – that us (presumably amongst others!)

Obviously this does nothing to help solve the well discussed pricing issues with the iPhone version, but it will be interesting to see what happens if the trial version is successful.

Importing your own routes into ViewRanger

On a slightly related note, @HelenJFisher recently sent me an email detailing how to import your own routes into ViewRanger (the instructions are for the Android version, but I assume it probably works for other versions as well).

Thanks Helen.

Saved .gpx file on SD card or phone memory in the Viewranger folder
(make sure your phone is then disconnected from your PC and your SD card is mounted)


  • Open Viewranger
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select Organiser
  • Select Routes
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select ‘Import gpx/loc’
  • Select the file
  • Message shown: “This file contains 1 route(s). Import?”
  • Select Yes
  • The route is listed.
  • Select the route
  • Press menu button
  • Select map

Updates (or lack of them)

Apologies for the delay in all the promised updates – what with exciting times in my personal life and a heavy workload, I have been a bit distracted – sorry! (and I am yet to work out how to get someone to pay me to build Social Hiking!)

I do plan to get around to some of the updates soon, so please bear with me!

ViewRanger buddybeacon and Media Geo-tagging

Social Hiking currently only uses the ViewRanger’s buddybeacon feature to create your route and link media. Since the public “launch” (it was more like a switch on than a launch!) a number of people have asked whether the site could also use geo-tagged media.

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