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Renaming Social Hiking Competition – Win ViewRanger Tokens!

Social Hiking is not really a very good name! It was a spur of the moment decision at a point when I was desperate to have something better than ‘My Viewranger / Google Maps / Social Media mash up thingy ‘.  Social Hiking only really covers one use – which is probably why most of the users are hiking bloggers! The name excludes other outdoor activities like cycling, horse riding, anything to do with boats, or road trips. I also do not think the word ‘social’ is very helpful, especially if you are using the site as a personal dump of your routes or for charity challenges.

So, before I undertake a redesign of the site and start finalising the direction of the new features, now is probably the right time to tackle this naming issue. Unfortunately I am a developer and completely useless at coming up with names, so instead I am going to the delegate job to you in the form of competition!

The competition is simple – come up with a new name for Social Hiking (taking into account everything I have said above). You can enter as many ideas as you want. The best entry will win a £30 over the air ViewRanger token, with a runner-up prize of a £15 token.

You can submit your entries by commenting on this post, tweeting me (@socialhiking) or e-mailing

The deadline for entries is 11th of February. The judge’s (me) decision is final etc etc etc

A big thank you to ViewRanger for providing the prizes!