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Social Hiking Podcast Episode 2 – The one with Gareth Jones

For the second episode of the Social Hiking podcast, my guest co-host is Gareth Jones (@gareth_js). Topics covered include some of our favourite maps, a #microadventure on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, an update on developments, a round up of some outdoor news that caught our eye, and Gareth talks about making the transition from peak bagging to exploring with kids and gives some advice on walking with young kids.

A massive thank you to the sponsors of this podcast: Target Dry – an outdoor clothing brand from Belfast who design outdoor jackets and overtrousers with a strong emphasis on quality, value and customer service.

I would really appreciate any feedback on the podcast – what you liked or didn’t like, or what you would like to see covered in future podcasts. We had a lot of fun recording the podcast, and you can listen to the outtakes (where we went wrong or started insulting each other) at:

You can subscribe to a RSS feed of just the Social Hiking podcasts at (to put in your preferred podcast app) or in iTunes (or search for Social Hiking)

Thank you for listening 🙂

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