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BuddyBeacon suggestions for ViewRanger

BuddyBeacon is a great feature of ViewRanger – the ability to ping your location (either manually or on a regular basis) and view the location of other ‘buddies’ on your map. Since Social Hiking started, BuddyBeacon has been the primary location source used on the site, especially for smaller trips (for longer trips battery life becomes a massive issue, which is where support for systems like SPOT come in). However since the first beacon was collected, the BuddyBeacon feature has changed little.

Later in the week I will be having a chat with Craig from ViewRanger to talk about possible improvements and updates to BuddyBeacon that will make it even easier to create routes on Social Hiking – if you have any comments, suggestions or anything you want me to pass on to ViewRanger, please let me know in the comments below, via Twitter, or you can email