Social Hiking Podcast Episode 3 – The one with Richard Flint (@flintyrich)

For the third episode of the Social Hiking podcast, my guest co-host is Richard Flint (@flintyrich). Topics covered include some of our favourite maps, a hike in Snowdonia, an update on developmentsv recent and coming up, and Rich talks about his experience on TGO challenge.

A massive thank you to the sponsors of this podcast: Sawyer Europe – who provide clean drinking water to countless people including the thirsty backpacker whose only source of water might come from a remote dirty puddle.

I would really appreciate any feedback on the podcast – what you liked or didn’t like, or what you would like to see covered in future podcasts.

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Thank you for listening :)

Show Notes

00:00 Introduction and hikes in Snowdonia and Northamptonshire

Snowdonia Wild Camp – The Northern Carneddau (A Second Helping) by fintyrich

North Western Carneddau with @FlintyRich by daylightgambler

Northamptonshire Wander – A Countryside Pub Crawl from Wolverton to Hartwell by flintyrich

Countryside wander with @FlintyRich by daylightgambler

DaylightGambler on the top of Foel-fras, Snowdonia

[photo of Phil on the top of Foel-fras, Snowdonia – taken by Rich]

10:01 Our pick of maps from

Hiking the Bibbulmun Track for Epilepsy Action by walking4charity

Bibbulmun Track –

You can donate to walking4charity at

In The Frame by beaufell

Find out more about Joe, his injuries and his challenge at and

You can donate to beaufell at

In the Frame - halfway!

[Joe at the halfway point – used with permission from]

Old Trees and Deer – Calke, Derbyshire by rosenrot213

Sandringham by martin_free

The Last Wainwright – Castle Crag by atkypne

Hiking the #Eifelsteig North to South by Beuteltiere

Information on Eifelsteig –

19:48 Developer update

Find out more about some of the latest updates at

Find out more about Adventure Bot at

Marking your bagged peaks #comingsoon

[marking your bagged peaks – coming soon to Social Hiking]

24:46 Thanks to our fantastic sponsor Sawyer Europe and your chance to win a Sawyer Squeeze

Sawyer Europe provide clean drinking water to countless people including the thirsty backpacker. Sawyer Europe’s filters provide you with clean drinking water from a vast array of different water sources, from lakes, fast flowing rivers, still, stagnant ponds, or muddy puddles: Sawyer will help you stay hydrated whatever your source of water might be.

Sawyer Europe


For your chance to win a Sawyer Squeeze water filter of your own, write or post a photo, video or audio clip, on G+, Facebook or Twitter, telling us about your ultimate adventure! In true Social Hiking fashion, tag us and use the hashtag #myfantasyadventure with your entry so we can compile a list of everyone’s ultimate fantasy adventures! For more details on the competition visit:

27:55 Feature – TGO Challenge

Details of the TGO Challenge –

Rich’s map from TGO Challenge 2013 –

The unofficial TGO Challenge 2013 group map –

Rich at the end of the TGO Challenge

49:34 TGO Awards 2013

Phil has the surreal honour of being nominated for ‘Outdoor Personality of the Year’ in the TGO Awards 2013 for the creation of Social Hiking.

You can vote for the TGO Awards at

51:27 Thanks for listening

Richard Flint

Social Hiking

Phil Sorrell

The next guest co-host will be… Andrew White (@walksbritain) from Walks Around Britain

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3 Comments on "Social Hiking Podcast Episode 3 – The one with Richard Flint (@flintyrich)"

  1. Jim Saunders says:

    Hey guys, I enjoyed listening to the content, but the music is somewhat dramatic for a hiking podcast? Something a bit softer on the ears…

    • daylightgambler says:

      Hi Jim – thanks for your comment and great to hear you enjoy the content. With the theme music I was after something that was uplifting and inspirational without being too epic. Personally I like it, but I take your point that it is a bit dramatic. Unfortunately we are stuck with it for a few more episodes at least (it is licensed and paid for), but I will see if I can tone it down a bit in future episodes.

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