Help the development of Social Hiking by becoming a supporter!

Back in March I wrote a blog post on the next step of Social Hiking – since then some great new features have been added:  map archives on embedded maps, support for Justgiving and Virgin Money giving, support for more services (Streamzoo, Soundcloud, Instagram & Foursquare), user stats, advbot support for SPOT, support for Yellowbrick, and numerous other tweaks and improvements. This has barely scratched the surface of what is planned and new ideas are being added to the list all the time.

The biggest problem however is time – sure the site costs to run on a monthly basis, but any updates to the site have to be squeezed in between my day job (a freelance developer) and spending time with my family. Other than a bit of technical support from Sam, there is only me working on the site, and whilst I would love to spend all day every day adding new features, the sad truth is I need to pay the mortgage (both my accounts and my family suggest I probably spend too much of my day on it as it is!)

The development plan includes some features where the site can begin to generate money to pay for itself (I am still committed to providing all core features unrestricted for free), but these are some way off and, to be honest, I would rather do some of the cool features I know you are going to love first!

So, after a suggestion from a couple of users, I would like to give you, the Share Your Adventure community, the chance to help with the development of the site by becoming a supporter.

For as little as £3 a month (the price of a pint :)) you can help me spend more time on the site – in return:

  • I will love you forever (platonically – nothing creepy)
  • you get a special supporter icon on your maps and user profile
  • you will appear on a supporters page (with a link back to your website)
  • your donations will be repaid back in the form of pro features (when they appear)
  • the scheduler will prioritise your map updates
  • you will get first play of any new features (a bit like a special beta-tester…)
  • you will have the option to remove advertising from your maps if you want
  • you will get sent some ‘follow me live’ Share Your Adventure cards

Times are hard at the moment, so please do not feel any obligation to become a supporter – it is entirely voluntary and I won’t hold it against you – the site will continue to be free to use, you can continue to give feedback and make suggestions and the developments will still happen eventually.

As I have said before, the site is all about you: the users and supporters of the Share Your Adventure community – I cannot tell you how constantly amazed I have been by your enthusiasm and support, the initiative ways you are using the site (pushing the boundaries of what it can do). You are all awesome!

To become a support, just complete the form below: (the amount you donate will be kept private)

Choose by how much you can help:
Privacy (amount will always be private)
URL for supporter list (your blog or website)



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3 Comments on "Help the development of Social Hiking by becoming a supporter!"

  1. PilgrimChris says:

    Am very happy to see this as an option for users of Social Hiking –!

    Have been bending Phils ear about it for sometime now lol.
    Finally I get a chance to officially support my favourite web app!
    Monday I will be setting up my own monthly payment 🙂

  2. Martin Free says:

    Count me in…

  3. happy to support this project, while allowing me to perform my own! 😉

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