New features and settings

I spent a busy few hours today adding a few new features (and their related settings) to solve a few things that have been bugging me over the last few weeks. Here is a run-down of the new features:

Default Map Settings

On the settings tab, you can now specify which map type you would like to use by default. There are currently only two options, Google Maps (works anywhere across the global) and Ordnance Survey (UK only), but the plan is to add support for more local map types in the future.

The setting is fairly clever – if your time zone setting is not in the UK, but you have Ordnance Survey as your default map type, the map produced will default to Google Maps.

As an added bonus for non-UK users, the code added brings the site a step closer to hiding any references to Ordnance Survey if it is not relevant!

Automatic Social Sharing

One of the things I find a bit frustrating is when you start a Social Hiking hike, you have to manually tweet a link to your map to let people know what you are up to! To fix this, there is now an option to automatically share new maps to your connected social networks (currently just Twitter, but apparently there is another big Social Media site that probably needs supporting too 😉 ). The feature kicks in after the second beacon is received each day.

You can customise the message used (the link to your map, in shortened form, is added to the end automatically). So for example, “Looks like I am out hiking, you can follow me live:”.

For advanced users, you can have a bit more control by using {link} where you want the shortened url to appear, and {tag} to include your current hashtag. For example: “Looks like I am out hiking, you can follow me live at {link} #fb {tag}” would be converted to “Looks like I am out hiking, you can follow me live at #fb #1000miles”

Support for yfrog

yfrog, an alternative to Twitpic, is now supported as a linked account. Any images will be pulled through to your maps automatically.

If you have any questions about the new features, or any suggestions for new ones. just let me know!

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