Introducing the Social Hiking blog!

Since Social Hiking was publicly launched a few weeks ago, there has been a bit of chatter on Twitter about various possible features and how the app works. 144 characters is not enough to describe, or discuss, things, so I have decided that the site needs a blog.

The design is just a template for now – the main site is due to have a facelift in the next few weeks (it was important to get the functionality right first) and the blog will eventually follow!

So what can you expect from this blog:

  • Updates on new features
  • Useful hints and tips
  • In depth articles on Social Hiking features and concepts
  • Information on related stuff like mobile power and new devices
  • Features on some of the routes added to Social Hiking
  • Other stuff that I think might be interesting to Social Hiking users

If you are blogger using Social Hiking, let me know and I will make sure you are added to our blogroll!

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