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Cycling Alex Koval

Alex Koval AlexKovalLive

From 1st Apr 2016 onwards

Beacons: 2916 | Distance: 11,947.5 km | Height Gain: 56,621 m

Hiking 6th December 2016

6th December 2016 gordyjacksonLive

6th Dec 2016

Beacons: 6 | Distance: 0.2 km | Height Gain: 0 m

Hiking 5th December 2016

5th December 2016 gordyjackson

5th Dec 2016

Beacons: 129 | Distance: 178.6 km | Height Gain: 1,180 m

Sailing 5th December 2016

5th December 2016 joan_nogueras

5th Dec 2016

Beacons: 3 | Distance: 164.9 km | Height Gain: 0 m

Running 5th December 2016

5th December 2016 RunDoggy

5th Dec 2016

Beacons: 86 | Distance: 11.0 km | Height Gain: 1,557 m

Hiking Urban Fitness Walk

Urban Fitness Walk TrekkingPaul

5th Dec 2016

Beacons: 98 | Distance: 5.3 miles | Height Gain: 236 ft

Hiking 5th December 2016

5th December 2016 Benwickrambler

5th Dec 2016

Beacons: 27 | Distance: 5.6 miles | Height Gain: 269 ft

Hiking 5th December 2016

5th December 2016 Rosenrot213

5th Dec 2016

Beacons: 12 | Distance: 1.4 miles | Height Gain: 190 ft

Cycling Supercyclingman WORLD

Supercyclingman WORLD SuperCyclingMan

From 1st May 2015 onwards

Beacons: 10648 | Distance: 21,576.3 km | Height Gain: 133,281 m

Cycling Supercyclingman ASIA

Supercyclingman ASIA SuperCyclingMan

From 20th Dec 2015 onwards

Beacons: 6511 | Distance: 13,117.8 km | Height Gain: 82,848 m

Hiking 4th December 2016

4th December 2016 gordyjackson

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 103 | Distance: 63.6 km | Height Gain: 572 m

Hiking Bamford to Glossop via Alport Castles

Bamford to Glossop via Alport Castles alistairpooler

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 87 | Distance: 30.4 km | Height Gain: 690 m

Other 4th December 2016

4th December 2016 chrishillcox

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 11 | Distance: 84.5 km | Height Gain: 30 m

Hiking 4th December 2016

4th December 2016 peakhiker

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 141 | Distance: 9.6 miles | Height Gain: 1,201 ft

Hiking 4th December 2016

4th December 2016 MountainAllan

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 25 | Distance: 4.4 miles | Height Gain: 1,188 ft

Hiking 4th December 2016

4th December 2016 Benwickrambler

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 54 | Distance: 10.9 miles | Height Gain: 459 ft

Hiking 4th December 2016

4th December 2016 wellycath

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 15 | Distance: 3.5 miles | Height Gain: 656 ft

Hiking Dartmoor: Chub Tor

Dartmoor: Chub Tor MoorlandWalker

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 154 | Distance: 6.7 km | Height Gain: 234 m

Hiking Pre-Christmas Walk

Pre-Christmas Walk Yealm14

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 151 | Distance: 17.0 km | Height Gain: 646 m

Hiking Brown  Knoll,Noe Stool

Brown Knoll,Noe Stool NEILSAINTHOUSE

4th Dec 2016

Beacons: 201 | Distance: 11.5 miles | Height Gain: 1,430 ft

Latest Bagged Peaks More


Scout Scar [233m]

Bagged on 05/12/16 by ScoutScarShuffler

shelter incorporating viewfinder

Wainwright Outlying Fell


Scout Scar [235m]

Bagged on 05/12/16 by ScoutScarShuffler

no feature: grass and limestone scree

HuMP, 200-299m Trump


Cunswick Scar [207m]

Bagged on 05/12/16 by ScoutScarShuffler

large cairn

200-299m Trump, Wainwright Outlying Fell


Kendal Fell [198m]

Bagged on 05/12/16 by ScoutScarShuffler

ground with bench on golf course

100-199m Trump


Alport Moor [535m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by alistairpooler

no feature: grass and heather

Sub Dewey

Bamford to Glossop via Alport Castles


Craig Eigiau [735m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by MountainAllan

no feature: sloping slab of rock

Nuttall, Sub Hewitt

4th December 2016


Keele Observatory [207m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by wellycath

200-299m Trump

4th December 2016


Griesler Berg [1308m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by RayFromDE


Geigerstein [1491m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by RayFromDE


Roborough Rock [189m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by MoorlandWalker

Dartmoor Tor or Rock

Dartmoor: Chub Tor


Western Beacon [308m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by Yealm14

Dartmoor Tor or Rock

Pre-Christmas Walk


Ugborough Beacon [378m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by Yealm14

rock tor

300-399m Trump

Pre-Christmas Walk


Bridge-end Pasture [392m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by alistairpooler

no feature: rough grass

300-399m Trump

Bamford to Glossop via Alport Castles


Watches [333m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by Leerockwell15

rock 5m E of pile of stones


Lakeland Wildcamp


Crook Hill [382m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by alistairpooler

rock outcrop

300-399m Trump

Bamford to Glossop via Alport Castles


Ugborough Moor [464m]

Bagged on 04/12/16 by Yealm14

400-499m Trump

Pre-Christmas Walk

Featured Maps Blogtrottr More

Running Simon's Run Around Britain

Simon's Run Around Britain SimonsRun

From 27th Mar 2016 onwards

Attempting #justalittlerun of 5,000 miles around Britain’s crinkly coast to support @EcologiaYouthTr in helping disadvantaged young people around the world.

Beacons: 1125 | Distance: 4,160.3 km | Height Gain: 14,273 m

Hiking Full Track: #WalkingWales For Pancreatic Cancer

Full Track: #WalkingWales For Pancreatic Cancer siriolg

1st Jun 2016 - 5th Nov 2016

Raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK, by walking the circumference of Wales. Follow the adventure at or on social media: @siriolg #WalkingWales #CerddedCymru

Beacons: 15819 | Distance: 1,925.6 km | Height Gain: 29,177 m

Hiking Continental Divide Trail

Continental Divide Trail Tramplite

18th Jun 2016 - 12th Nov 2016

My 2nd attempt at a southbound hike of the 5000km CDT. The CDT spans from Canada to Mexico and passes through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. The CDT has many alternative routes so don't be surprised if i occasionally venture off the route shown here.

Beacons: 3524 | Distance: 3,616.3 km | Height Gain: 88,963 m

Hiking The Devon Coast to Coast

The Devon Coast to Coast hillplodder

1st - 9th Oct 2016

Paul (@MoorlandWalker) and I attempt to survive the horrors of escaped lynx and a surfeit of cream teas and beer and make it to the opposite coast.

Beacons: 793 | Distance: 177.9 km | Height Gain: 4,267 m

Hiking The Colorado Trail 2016

The Colorado Trail 2016 bpackingbongos

2nd Aug 2016 - 14th Sep 2016

On the 2nd August 2016 I will leave Denver and walk 486 miles across the Rocky Mountains to Durango. Over the space of 6 weeks I will pass through eight mountain ranges, six National Forests and six wilderness areas. The trail rises to 13,271 feet with an average altitude of 10,300 feet. There are 89,000 feet of ascent and descent before I get to Durango.

Beacons: 2797 | Distance: 670.4 km | Height Gain: 26,671 m

Other #CountyCastleCaper

#CountyCastleCaper daylightgambler

Our challenge to visit at least one castle in every county in United Kingdom in a single continuous loop self-powered

Beacons: 2013 | Maps: 5

Hiking TGO Challenge 2016

TGO Challenge 2016 socialhiking

13th - 27th May 2016

The TGO Challenge is an annual self-supported walking event across the Highlands of Scotland, west coast to east coast. It started in 1980 and was the brainchild of the well-known writer and mountaineer, Hamish Brown. The Challenge is held every May and is sponsored by TGO, Hanwag & Fjällräven.

Beacons: 9761 | Maps: 15

Hiking At Columba's Way - Iona to StAndrews

At Columba's Way - Iona to StAndrews SmirnieOutdoors

6th - 22nd May 2016

@michaelswayhike, @fionascot and I, @smirnieoutdoors are undertaking a 339km backpacking trip across Scotland to raise money for Deafblind Scotland. Michael is completely blind and hard of hearing so will be relying on us and hopefully other guides to do this once in a life time trek. Pitching a tent in a hoolie when you're sighted is hard enough!

Beacons: 1288 | Distance: 407.0 km | Height Gain: 5,465 m

Cycling Trans Cambrian Way ITT bikepacking - the whole lot this time!

Trans Cambrian Way ITT bikepacking - the whole lot this time! bryanwaddington

13th - 15th May 2016

Beacons: 241 | Distance: 107.8 miles | Height Gain: 9,688 ft

Winter Sports Huippuvuoret 2016 -retkikunta

Huippuvuoret 2016 -retkikunta avotunturit

22nd Mar 2016 - 13th Apr 2016

Ankarat avotunturit -retkikunta Huippuvuorille. // Ankarat avotunturit ski expedition to Svalbard.

Beacons: 28 | Distance: 683.7 km | Height Gain: 2,050 m

Hiking The Hadrian's Wall Path

The Hadrian's Wall Path nickbramhll

28th Mar 2016 - 2nd Apr 2016

A walk along the route of Hadrian's Wall from Wallsend to Bowness over 6 days. Our planned route is shown in blue but does not include slight deviations to reach overnight accommodation or watering holes!

Beacons: 269 | Distance: 104.2 miles | Height Gain: 4,823 ft

Hiking Carpathian Traverse

Carpathian Traverse CarpathianTraverse

28th Aug 2015 - 31st Dec 2015

Lee Harley-Marshall and Robert Proud will attempt to walk the length of the Carpathian Mountains in its entirety including the Little Carpathians also. The expedition will be self funded, in tents without support. We aim to take 4 months to walk approximately 1200 miles through some of Europes last wilderness. We hope you enjoy our journey..

Beacons: 2314 | Distance: 2,171.7 km | Height Gain: 44,218 m

Cycling Supercyclingman Europe

Supercyclingman Europe SuperCyclingMan

30th May 2015 - 19th Dec 2015

My record-breaking "7 Continents World Cycle". Come along for the ride and get involved with the adventure at ! :-)

Beacons: 4137 | Distance: 8,149.9 km | Height Gain: 49,528 m

Cycling Fixie foot tour

Fixie foot tour Tramplite

18th Aug 2015 - 9th Oct 2015

After fracturing my foot hiking the CDT and then 6 weeks of recovery time it's time to get back out there :-) No real plan but it will probably involve a bike and packraft.

Beacons: 1303 | Distance: 2,737.8 km | Height Gain: 15,709 m

Cycling The Beacon Bike

The Beacon Bike thebeaconbike

4th May 2015 - 30th Sep 2015

Starts Monday 4th May 2015 - 3,500 mile cycle route around the coast of England & Wales, including the Channel Islands, IOW and Scilly Isles, visiting every onshore and offshore lighthouse in aid of Shift MS

Beacons: 4692 | Distance: 7,126.8 km | Height Gain: 28,612 m


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